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PT. Bayu Buana Gemilang | Natural Gas Trader

PT Bayu Buana Gemilang (BBG) has become one of the leading private companies in Indonesia’s downstream natural gas sector. It’s business is in trading and distribution of natural gas.

This gas is being traded and distributed in its natural sate and/or converted to convenient energy to customers across the regions of Indonesia.

Started with 15-kilometer gas pipe and distribution networks in West Java. Now, in its 10 years of business, BBG has successfully developed 70 kilometer of gas pipe distribution networks with capacity of 150 MMSCFD. These pipe networks in West Java, East Java and East Kalimantan are safely distributing natural gas to industrial and residential cutomers.

With markets and customers in mind, providing flexible energy plan and tailored service, BBG has been trusted as a credible partner by both national and multinational companies to fulfill its energy needs.

PT Citra Nusantara Gemilang (PT CNG) was established as a sister company of BBG to answer the challenge of distributing gas to demand areas not reached

by pipelines by applying CNG technologies. It is the first CNG company to operate commercially in Indonesia. Today, PT CNG serves the demand of customers in Java and South Sumatera.

From BBG’s point of view, power generation is a way to distribute natural gas in a more convenient form of energy for the customers. BBG generates power from natural gas with the application GE and MTU Gas Engines in East Kalimantan.

It serves the demand of the City of Bontang and its Industrias, and is an added value service that BBG delivers to its customers.

BBG currently trades and distributes natural gas via land pipes, trucks and other land based facilities through the application of various available technology such as pipe, CNG, NGV and gas fired power plants.

The commitment to fulfill the demand of an archipelagic market implies BBG to redeploy its products, services and expertise and also for the continuous efforts to apply globally available technologies as a solution for customers across Indonesia’s region.

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