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Founded in 2003 by Greg Weitzman, TheTradingZone is proud to be one of the oldest companies in the online trader education space.

Through our unique approach of combining Educational Materials with an Educational Chat Room and regular follow up Member Training, we have taught thousands of traders.

Our dedicated team includes Larry ‘The Gator’ a former 20 year CBOT floor trader who brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience and passion for the markets.

All of our staff and team members are current and past TradingZone students who have shown exceptional talents in both understanding and teaching our system.

The core of our trading methodology comes from Market Profile, what once was a closely guarded floor trader secret, is now available to any trader willing to learn it.

We strongly feel that the best way to fully appreciate what we offer is to conduct your own due diligence by joining us in the chat room.

Our Educational Chat Room will allow you to better evaluate and you will also have the opportunity to ask questions to any TTZ staff, student or member.

Please join in the Educational Chat Room, you can register here

President and Founder20 Year former CBOT Floor Trader
t: 954.302.7494
t: 847.230.4204
About GregAbout Larry
From Montreal Canada. Greg founded the trading education firm in 2003. TheTradingZone teaches both new and experienced traders how to day trade the e-mini stock index futures, based on his own methodology of combining technical indicators, Price levels.

Market Profile ™(market profile is a trademark of the CBOT), and Tape reading.

From Chicago IL, Larry has spent his entire career involved in the markets As a floor trader at the CBOT Larry spent 20 years trading under his former badge id Izz. Today Larry is a co-moderator at TheTradingZone and brings a lifetime worth of trading experience and valuable market knowledge
TTZ Sales and SupportEuro Session Chat Moderator
From Ireland Marty became a member of TTZ in 2007 and has gone on to Moderate the Euro Session trading room and provides personal coaching to our members. Marty is an outstanding trader communicator and trading coach

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