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How to Value Skybox Trading Cards | eHow

Do you have an old box of Skybox trading cards you found in a closet? Or do you want to sell a collection of trading cards you've had for awhile? Trading card prices can fluctuate over time. A card you bought for $1 ten years ago may now be worth $50. Knowing the value of the trading cards can make you more money if you decide to sell or save you money if you decide to add to your collection.

  • Attend sports card conventions, bringing along your Skybox cards. The condition of the card will help determine its value so it's important to have the card with you. Each month there are nearly 2,000 sports card conventions throughout the United States. Find a convention nearby and ask dealers the value of your trading cards.

  • Visit sports card stores where you live. The owners and dealers should be able to give you a value of the trading cards.

  • Visit online auction sites like ebay and Amazon to find the general

    value of Skybox trading cards. Search the auctions and study how much Skybox cards sell for.

  • Visit online sports card pricing websites such as Beckett and VintageCardPrices and search for the value of Skybox trading cards.

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  • Beckett
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