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How did Christianity spread?

During its first few centuries, Christianity faced continual persecution under the rule of Roman emperors. During this era, Christianity spread through subversive ministries and the written theological works of early Church Fathers. The history of Christianity was changed forever by two events of the 4th century. The first, in A. D. 313, was the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine I. Constantine subsequently adopted some of its facets into his military and social policies and afforded Church leaders some political and self-governmental authority.

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Words of Sympathy - What To Say In Times Of Loss & Quotes

Expressing Sympathy When sending a sympathy card or note of condolence it is often difficult to know what to say or how to phrase your thoughts and feelings.  We have compiled a list of appropriate and warm sympathy sayings to give you a guideline of what to write in a sympathy card. Feel free to combine phrases and write what feels natural and comfortable to you.  The most important thing to remember while writing this is that your sympathy message comes from the heart.  Your friend or loved one is going to appreciate that you are acknowledging their grief and honoring their loss.

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The switch Statement

Unlike if-then and if-then-else statements, the switch statement can have a number of possible execution paths. A switch works with the byte, short, char, and int primitive data types. It also works with enumerated types (discussed in Enum Types), the String class, and a few special classes that wrap certain primitive types: Character, Byte, Short, and Integer (discussed in Numbers and Strings). The following code example, SwitchDemo, declares an int named month whose value represents a month. The code displays the name of the month, based on the value of month, using the switch statement.

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The Braunschweiger Ball

You might think this is really crazy, but I’d like to introduce you to The Braunschweiger Ball.  Yes, a tad formal but The Braunschweiger Ball is like a beloved family member making its appearance every Thanksgiving.  It’s greeted with a warm welcome and lucky the person who gets the pleasure of making that first dip into a little bit of heaven.  But before it’s ready to be served, family members are asked to help in slicing the olives, icing the ball and then decorating.  It’s fun to hand over the duties getting everyone involved and it frees up my hands to do something else.

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Request Letters

STATEMENT REQUEST LETTER - Example Letter Requesting a Statement of Account. Donation Thank You Letter - Thank you letters to your donors are the most important part of your fundraising program. Professional Apology Letter - Free sample letters of apology for personal and professional situations. Also, tips on writing apology letters. bursary application letter samples to help you with composing your application. Tenant complaint letter - Tenant Complaint Letter is from a landlord to inform a tenant that complaints have been received about his or her behavior.

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Top 25 Positive Words, Phrases and Empathy Statements

John Sullivan 27 Jul at 4:37 am Because you are a valued client/customerAnonymous 19 Sep at 12:21 pm That’s a fantastic choice Great ! Fantastic ! Perfect ! Marvelous ! Pretty well ! Your satisfaction is a great compliment for us Mr. /Ms _____ Assuring you our best services Mr. Ms. ___________. Have a great day ahead!anil dogara 17 Oct at 10:01 am SYED RAFI ULLAH 28 Oct at 7:21 am “Let’s have a look; I’ll not be a second” “And that’ll all be with you on …” But in response to above: “I will surely ensure that…” sounds as if you’re getting tangled up… and will either of you really be able to keep a straight face after “special customers like you”?Not Convinced 21 Nov at 1:33 am 1) You can say that again 2) It is your right to know Sir To SYED RAFI ULLAH — 28 Oct 2008 @ 7:21 am; Do you work in customer services? The customer is NOT always right.

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The 3 Different Types of Financial Statements

By Maire LoughranIt has been my experience that all watchful business owners have an innate sense of how well their business is doing. Almost without thinking about it, these business owners can tell you any time during the month how close they are to hitting budgeted figures. Certainly, cash in bank plays a part, but it's more than that. Helpful is the routine review of financial statements. There are three types of financial statements. Each will give you important info about how efficiently and effectively your business is operating. The first step in learning how to prepare financial statements is understanding the accounting system, which is how you get transactions to show up on the financial statements.

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10 Chocolate Smoothie Recipes Using COCO2 Chocolate Spread

Over 9 rounds “Lose Baby Weight helps you understand HOW to lose weight, the SAFE way to do it, and WHY it happens a particular way. I could not recommend a program more. It has improved every aspect of my life. “ Over 7 rounds “These days my life looks a whole bunch different to what it did 7 months ago.   I am fit and healthy and most importantly…happy! My confidence has soared!” Over 5 rounds “Thank you to Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight team for creating a program that is easy to follow, realistic and educational – and for allowing me to be a happier and healthier mummy.

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Review of Interim Financial Information by the Auditor of the Entity | IFAC

Project completed - June 2005Objective(s) of project The objective of this project was to establish standards and provide guidance for auditors that review interim financial information issued by their audit clients.Scope ISRE 2400,Review of Interim Financial Information Performed by the Independent Auditor of the Entityapplies when:The review is performed by the entity's auditor, andThe interim financial information is prepared in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework.Issues The ISRE requires the auditor to:Comply with

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Mission & Vision

Strive Dance Academy provides dance excellence in a disciplined community environment for students in Central Alberta seeking the highest level of competitive dance instruction. Vision Statement To be a successful and sustainable community of elite competitive dancers, well respected and recognized for their dance excellence and citizenship as well as developing the foundation necessary for those who aspire to pursue a career in the performing arts. Achievements In furtherance of it's Mission and Vision, since its inception, Strive’s competitive dance teams have consistently achieved several First Overall rankings at prestigious dance competitions against top ranking schools throughout Alberta and have earned a solid reputation.

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