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3 Steps to Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Are you suffering from career-drift? Not sure where you’re headed career-wise? Or do you simply need to sell yourself better.

A good way to define who you are and where you’re headed is to create a personal mission statement. A mission statement keeps you focused and prevents you from drifting off course. It also serves as a launching point and a solid foundation made of self-awareness and a greater sense of purpose.

Creating a mission statement is not easy or quick. The best ones require time, inspiration, and reflection. If these resources are an issue, it’s helpful to take a few personality assessments. The results provide a surprisingly accurate inventory of “ready-to-wear” personality traits.

1. Take an inventory of your character strengths and virtues.

Begin crafting your mission statement by listing your character strengths, virtues, and your dominant personality traits. These traits define who you are, influence how you see the world, determine what’s important to you, and dictate how you behave and make decisions.

My Example:

  • Creativity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Love of learning
  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Empathy
  • Critical thinking

2. Define your priorities.

Next, clarify where your personal and professional priorities lie. Where do you truly want to direct your personal energy, time, and resources? Priorities are the backbone of your mission statement. These should be general and wide in scope.

My Example:

  • To contribute to my family with emotional, social, and financial support
  • To make sure I get adequate exercise, eat well, and rest each week
  • To have the opportunity to appreciate and benefit from nature and the arts
  • To continually educate myself in my field of psychology and career consulting
  • To ”be there” for my family and friends when they need comfort and companionship

3. Gather information

Finally, gather all this information and start writing. Keep in mind, the purpose of a mission statement is to claim the impact you want your life to make. It describes qualities that define and differentiate you. It declares not only who you are, but also who you want to be, and what you want to do with your life

both personally and professionally.

My Example:

Who I Am and What I Value

I am committed to living my life with understanding and open-mindedness. I value compassion and caring for all people, including myself, paying particular attention to my family and closest friends. I am passionate about appreciating God’s creation by being a good steward of the land and caring for our community. I care deeply about others, especially the underserved and disadvantaged. My mantra is “kindness matters.” Kindness, compassion and education are my core values. They define my purpose and give meaning to my life.

Impact or Legacy I Want to Leave

In the end, I want others to remember me as someone who cared deeply about connecting to others: sharing joys, defeats, accomplishments, and fun along the way; that my life mattered because I made a difference in small, yet significant ways in the quality of other people’s lives.

Professional Values

Professionally, I am pulled in the direction of helping others find their way. This means defining a practical career path or searching for traits that signal the defining characteristics of a calling. I do this by applying specialized training in positive psychology, expertise in human resources and organizational systems, and wisdom earned from a lifetime of forgivable mistakes and regrets. I am committed to devoting the skills and effort necessary to help my clients know and define themselves and find their best career options as best I can.

Personal Values

Personally, I am passionate about emotionally supporting my husband and son and helping them to lead meaningful lives filled with joy, purpose, and good relationships. My life has meaning and purpose when I am making even the smallest positive difference in the lives of others. It is critical for me to lead a full, active, intellectual life with balance. This means paying attention to my physical, spiritual, and mental health through exercise, meditation, prayer, grace, gratitude, and taking time to cultivate relationships with people who energize and inspire me.

Now, you give it a try!

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