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5 Spots - Fun and easy Free games for everyone at KatGames

Game This is the home page of Katgames’ second game 5 Spots the original find the difference game. The game was conceived to entertain people of all ages.   In approaching the game, the basic principles we applied were simplicity, a high contrast user interface and light-hearted comical sound effects. It wasn’t the first game in which the player needs to spot differences between two similar images but it was the first to become popular. It has a feature that has been replicated and copied since it was launched: the double cursor which helps players identify errors easier.

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yoga spot brooklyn ny

1 Week Unlimited We welcome you to try our many classes taught by warm and experienced instructors. . . Fall in love with our studio and get to know us with this One Week Unlimited Trial.   February Events February 5th: Free Beginner's Class Come in for a taste of Yoga. . . Join us as we guide you through and 1. 5 hour intro to all things yoga. Have questions on alignment? We can help! What are "Sun Salutations" and why do we do them? We've got that covered! Why do we OHM? We'll tell you! If you've always been scared to try yoga, this is the PERFECT opportunity! We welcome everyone to this  event, whether you'be been to our studio before or not.

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Le schéma électrique et le branchement du détecteur de mouvement infrarouge IR -

Quand je parle d’importance de l’éclairage avec mes clients, j’insiste souvent sur un point qui est souvent négligé: les éclairages extérieurs. Ils jouent selon moi trois rôles importants dans l’installation électrique: Guider et diriger les personnes vers l’habitation la nuit Avertir de la présence  de personnes Dissuader les intrus Ces trois points m’amènent donc à vous proposer les différents branchements de détecteur de mouvement infrarouge (on parle aussi de détecteur de présence). Je vais également aborder dans cet article les réglages ainsi que le cablage électrique du détecteur infrarouge.

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The Dance Spot

The Dance Spot was founded in 2006 by Quinton Weathers. His vision was to create a studio for dancers to evolve as artists and as people. The Dance Spot strives to provide a positive learning environment where dancers can feel challenged and appreciated. The Dance Spot specializes in classes of all levels from recreational dance to our pre-professional curriculum. DANCE PROGRAMS Click for PDF of class descriptions Ballet Jazz Stretch Tap Hip Hop Contemporary Musical Theater Point Barre Fit Pilates Yoga DANCE PROGRAMS FOR KIDS AGE 3-6 KIDS ‘N’ MOTION – The Dance Spot’s Kids ‘N’ Motion Program introduces children (3-6 years old) to creative movement, music & rhythm, body discipline and awareness, as well as the basic fundamentals of ballet, tap and jazz.

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Blindspot -

A beautiful woman is found naked in Times Square, her memory erased, her body covered in a series of coded tattoos. But as "Jane Doe" and the FBI team who discovered her work to decipher, investigate and solve the complex treasure map of her body, an ever-widening web of conspiracy and corruption is revealed, as is the truth behind Jane Doe's real identity and the identity of the people who sent her to the FBI in the first place. But what does this nefarious group really want? And can Jane and her teammates stop them in time?The cast includes Sullivan Stapleton ("300: Rise of an Empire," "Strike Back"), Jaimie Alexander ("Thor: The Dark World," "Agents of S.

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"Questa scena mi ha ricordato che bisogna scegliere l'amore anche nei momenti difficili"

Per Joanna era stata una giornata complicata, nervosa. Di quelle in vorresti solo pensare a te stessa, ma le responsabilità di madre ti inchiodano alla routine della cucina, delle faccende domestiche, dei compiti a casa di tua figlia, alla quale serve aiuto. Non puoi prenderti il giorno libero dal lavoro di madre, così non ti sottrai, ma inizi a odiarlo. Quel giorno Joanna ha eseguito ogni gesto controvoglia, sfogando alla sera sul marito tutta la frustrazione accumulata. Ma al mattino, quando alzandosi ha trovato l'uomo e la figlia addormentati l'uno accanto all'altra il fastidio si è spento, il nervosismo è passato e ha capito che bisogna scegliere l'amore anche nei momenti difficili.

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Gymnastics Spot: classes, team, dance and fitness in Mundelein, Il, Lake County; Norbert Bendixen, President.

Preschool Gymnastic Classes, Ages 12 Months –Kindergarten. These fun-filled classes introduce Pre-Schoolers to stretching, tumbling, balance beam, bars and skipping and rebounding skills. Classes are designed to develop physical fitness, motor control, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and strength. Children will also learn to work in a structured group environment, and have fun with their friends together. Developmental Classes, Ages 1st grade - 8th grade. We offer a full range of class levels for school aged boys and girls. Each level is progressive and continues to develop skills into routines.

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Labour demands answers into Trident nuclear test ‘misfire’

Labour are demanding a“full explanation”  of why Theresa May four times dodged the question of whether or not she knew about a calamitous failure on a Trident missile test last summer, just months before the House of Commons met to debate the controversial programme’s renewal. Andrew Marr asked Theresa May,“did you know the misfire of the missile had occurred when you made your first speech about Trident to Parliament in July 2016?” HMS Vengeance, one of the UK’s four Trident submarines, which each carry up to forty-eight nuclear warheads, was running a test off the coast of Florida in December 2015 when it fired an unarmed missile at a sea target off the coast of West Africa, some 9,000km away.

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Verbatim PAR38 LED 19W Outdoor

The Verbatim LED PAR38 19W replaces any incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent 'PAR38' style light bulb. These lights are commonly used outdoors, in galleries, and elsewhere. They have a regular Edison Screw (E27) base. They're easy to install yourself. Simply unscrew the old bulb and screw in the new PAR38 LED and you're done. These PAR38 LED's are ideally suited for use with motion sensor systems, such as the one pictured below. Unlike old CFL bulbs they come on instantly to full brightness. PAR38 LED Globe - Key Features Replaces 100W to 150W incandescent globes for over 80% energy savings Warm white colour temperature (2700K) 45˚  beam angle to match old lamps IP54 rated - suitable for outdoor usage Specifications - PAR38 LED Bulb Fitting Type PAR38 Shape, E27 Base (Edison Screw) Power Consumption 19W (equivalent to 120W) Voltage 220-240 V Lifetime 25,000 hours Colour Temperature Warm White 2700K Beam Angle 45° Light Output 970 Lumens Dimmable No Dimensions 134mm (length) by 123mm (diameter) Weight 696 grams Installation Retrofit / self-installation Product Identifiers Verbatim LED IP54 PAR38 E27 19W 970lm 2700K WW 45 deg; Order Code 64453; Barcode 6943760244533 Further Documentation Verbatim PAR38 Spec Sheet (PDF) Frequently Asked Questions What other options are available? If you want to upgrade an entire outdoor light fitting to LED (rather than just replace the PAR38 globe) you might like to check out some of our other options, including: data-bread-crumbs=> $24.

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The Hot Spot Movie Review & Film Summary (1990)

Aguy comes in from out of town. He doesn't have a past - at least not one he wants to talk about. He gets a job in a used-car lot. It's one of those typical small towns from the movies of the 1940s and 1950s, the kind of backwater where the other guy on the job is a nerd, and the boss is a blowhard with a bum ticker - but the boss' wife is this great broad with blond hair and big eyelashes and when she gets up in the morning she puts on her negligee just when the other women in town are taking theirs off. Oh, and the bookkeeper at work is this innocent young girl who is intimidated, for mysterious reasons, by the vicious creep who lives in a shack outside of town.

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