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Man of Steel: Superman Takes Flight in New Hardee's TV Commercial

The theatrical release of Man of Steel – Warner Bros. and DC’s long-awaited Superman reboot – is only weeks away, and as such, pre-release marketing is coming at an increasingly rapid pace. Much has already been said about how DC may be pinning its hopes on building a shared movie universe (and eventually releasing a Justice League film) on the success of Superman’s big-screen return.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen magazine cover stories, TV spots and the most action-packed trailer to date. Now, it seems, Man of Steel is upping the ante.

On itsYouTubechannel, fast food chain Hardee’s has posted a commercial promoting Man of Steel as well as its new Super Bacon Thickburger (as has Hardee’s sibling chain, Carl’s Jr.). The spot was actually directed by Zack Snyder himself and features star Henry Cavill donning the famous red-and-blue suit.

Check out the video below:

The premise of the commercial – that Metropolis construction workers are busy fixing potholes caused by Supes’ rough streetside landings – is the perfect marriage of promoting the product at hand while still creating an immersive (albeit brief) glimpse at the world of the film.

In addition, Cavill’s apologetic glance after realizing the damage he’s caused

is telling. The moment indicates that the actor’s portrayal of Superman may include the playfulness that Christopher Reeve brought to the role. It also perhaps hints at the possibility that this version of Superman may still be fine-tuning control of his powers, hence the accidental destruction of Metropolis streets.

The fact that Snyder and Cavill were directly involved in the commercial demonstrates that the director-actor duo is committed to returning the character to the big-screen acclaim that has eluded him since Superman II in 1980. Plus, despite worry that Man of Steel would be too dark to suit the character, it appears that the “serious” approach Snyder and his team have discussed won’t preclude the film for being a fun superhero adventure. As far as movie marketing goes, the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. commercial is one of many cross-promotional campaigns moviegoers will be faced with this summer, but chances are, it’s one of the few that will feature original footage directly produced by the team behind the very film it’s promoting.

What do you think of the commercial as well as how it portrays Superman’s Man of Steel powers? Sound off in the comments below.

Man of Steel opens in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: YouTube

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