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Cedarhurst Motor Lodge Routes 8 & 30, Speculator, NY 12164Phone:  518-548-6064 Description: Clean, comfortable rooms at reasonable rates. Near public beach, state campgrounds and Camp of the Woods. WiFi, Cable TV & Air conditioning. Credit cards accepted. website: www. cedarhurstmotorlodge. com Irondequoit Inn Old Piseco Road, Piseco, NY 12139Phone:  518-548-5500  or toll free  888-497-0350 Description: Located on Piseco Lake, this rustic Inn provides a charming family oriented atmosphere with incredible views. The lodge has single & double rooms and one bedroom efficiencies.

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speculative - definition of speculative in English

1Engaged in, expressing, or based on conjecture rather than knowledge. ‘he gave her a speculative glance’ ‘Concerns about widespread inaccuracies in online health information are speculative and intuitive rather than based on robust research. ’ ‘A number of entries also contain assertions that are unfounded or highly speculative. ’ ‘She slid a speculative glance at her boyfriend. ’ ‘Atwood uses the term speculative fiction rather than science fiction. ’ ‘The account is based primarily on observations; but it is also speculative, relying to some extent on theoretical considerations.

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Modals – deduction past

In the same way that we use modal verbs to say how certain we are about things in the present we can also use them to speculate about the past. Have + past participle ( ‘have done’, ‘have been’ have stolen’etc. ) is called the perfect infinitive. When we use modal verbs to talk about the present they are followed by an infinitive without ‘to’. When we use modal verbs to talk about the past they are followed by a perfect infinitive. must + perfect infinitive We use must + perfect infinitive when we feel sure about something in the past. You must have been delighted when you heard you’d won the lottery.

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Scotland’s Incredible Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Photo: Flexdream A garden should present a puzzle to be fathomed, some things very clear and others veiled ~ Charles Jencks This incredible garden, known as The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, is not your everyday example of landscaping; instead it is based on mathematics and science mixed with nature and man-made lakes. Built in 1989, it has been called by some the most important garden in the 21st century. It is a private garden built by Charles Jencks and his late wife Maggie in Portrack House, Dumfries, Scotland. Photo: Flexdream Its design was influenced by Chinese garden philosophy.

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Man U News

Saint-Etienne v Man United confirmed teams: Mkhitaryan, Pogba start The Sport Review St Etienne v Man Utd LIVE! Sky Sports Manchester United boss explains Shaw omission Red Mancunian Jose Mourinho ready to axe 26-year-old star in order to sign£40m powerhouse golazogoal. com 44 touches, 2 assists… Man United should move for ideal Pogba partner after UCL showing FootballFanCast. com Manchester United Star Finally Opens Up On Transfer Speculation the4thofficial. net 79 clearances, 38 interceptions. . . the ideal defensive recruit for Man United FootballFanCast.

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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English speculationspec‧u‧la‧tion/ˌspekjəˈleɪʃ ə n/ ●○○ noun[ countable, uncountable ]   1 GUESSwhen you guess about the possible causes or effects of something without knowing all the facts, or the guesses that you make speculation that   There is speculation that the president is ill. speculation about/on   speculation about the future  The witness’s statement waspure speculation(= not based on any knowledge ). wild/idle speculation(= speculation that is unlikely to be true )2 BFBBwhen you try to make a large profit by buying goods, property,sharesetc and then selling them   property speculation COLLOCATIONS ADJECTIVES/NOUN + speculation pure/mere speculation(= not based on any knowledge ) A government official yesterday dismissed the reports as ‘pure speculation’.

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Current EUR to USD exchange rate equal to 1. 0540 Dollars per 1 Euro. Today's range: 1. 0492-1. 0556. Yesterday's rate 1. 0534. Change for today +0. 0006 Dollars, +0. 06%. Inverse rate: USD to EUR. 1. 0540 +0. 06%Recent changes for the last periods:Period2 Days3 Days1 Week2 Weeks1 MonthChng,%-0. 68%-0. 69%-0. 37%-1. 31%-1. 49%Ex-Rate1. 06121. 06131. 05791. 06801. 0699 EUR to USD forecast for tomorrow, this week and month. Euro to Dollar forecast on Thursday, February, 23: exchange rate 1. 0459 Dollars, maximum 1. 0616, minimum 1. 0302.

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Speculative philosophy: the possibility of education

This essay compares Benjamin’s ‘transcendental but speculative’ concept of experience and Rose’s retrieval of Hegelian speculative experience. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate that speculative philosophy is formative and therefore educational. The constraints of the essay will not permit an investigation into what speculative education might look like in terms of a system or method of education. The essay will, however, present an understanding of the barriers that prevent the speculative experience of education for the modern individual and in so doing will recognise the task of education in deconstructing these barriers.

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What is speculative risk? - Definition from

Alfred Essa from McGraw-Hill and Mike Gualtieri from Forrester on serving the customer of one at Spark Summit East. Digital transformation requires CIOs to rethink the way IT operates. At the center of the new IT operating model is product line. . . OpenStack is popular with the Fortune 100. PayPal is a fan. And experts say its technical shortcomings are long gone. But there. . . Interoperability and population health are closely intertwined. One healthcare network is reaping the benefits of both. Remote patient monitoring, cloud medical imaging, and gamification in healthcare are strategies recommended by health IT.

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| Quiet Speculation

An Insider account with QuietSpeculation. com means instant access to the best financial minds in Magic: the Gathering.  We offer a daily magazine featuring our expert staff, powerful tools to monitor the Magic card market, integration with other popular MTGt sites and a discussion forum where you can interact with our team and other MTG finance experts. We send a reporter to every Pro Tour, no matter where in the world it is.   No other Magic site does this.  Take a look at our coverage from Pro Tour: Oath of the Gatewatch, where our early warnings helped our members beat the rush on Eldrazi cards.

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