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A Beginner’s Guide To Iconic House Vocalist Colonel Abrams

It’s a sad week for the house community due to the news of the death of legendary vocalist Colonel Abrams over the Thanksgiving weekend. The 67-year-old Detroit-born soul singer seamlessly transitioned into house-laced dance tracks in the 1980s with hits like “Music Is The Answer” and his 1985 crossover anthem “Trapped”. Colonel Abrams—and yes, that was his real name—fell on hard times in the last years of his life, prompting DJs Tony “Tune” Herbert and Marshall Jefferson to start a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 to help him out of homelessness and ill health.

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speculative philosophy | Early Modern Experimental Philosophy

Juan Gomez writes… It has been a while since my previous post, so I will begin by recapping my series on early modern Spain up to the point where we left off. This series focuses on an interesting debate between scholastics andnovatoresin Spain at the beginning of the eighteenth century, a debate which revolves around natural philosophy and methodology. The origins of the debate can be found in a book by Gabriel Alvarez de Toledo,Historia de la Iglesia y del Mundo(History of the Church and the World), where he tries to give an account of the book of Genesis which is consistent with the theory of atomism.

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Do speculative cover letters work?

Speculative letters (by post or email) might work better than you think. They're a recognised way of communicating with employers who are not currently advertising for staff. If your message finds a decision-maker who has a problem or an opportunity, you could be in a meeting pretty fast. But consider if a letter out of the blue is the best method of connecting with an organisation – it's often more effective to get a warm introduction through existing contacts. Be concise and to the point Many speculative letters are pure time wasters.

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Jenny Offill: life after Dept. of Speculation – the underdog persona’s not going to fly any more

A Brooklyn writer is having trouble producing a second book; she also struggles with bedbugs, a small daughter and a husband who gets involved with a younger woman. The plot of Jenny Offill’s second novel,Dept. of Speculation , doesn’t sound promising: “If someone had described this novel to me, I would never have read it,” she says when we meet on West 23rd Street in Manhattan. A novel of ideas half disguised as a domestic drama, it’s told in fragments, jokes, quotations: WB Yeats, Rainer Maria Rilke, Ludwig Wittgenstein appear alongside proverbs, scientific “fun facts” and snippets of self-help.

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Dept. of Speculation by by Jenny Offill: Summary and reviews

Offill’s greatest strength is the element of surprise in her humor. There’s no mallet to the head in its presentation. It sneaks up and pounces gracefully, such as when the professor decides, in the middle of the night, that maybe she can get out of ghostwriting for the failed astronaut if she writes fortune cookies. She writes down four fortunes, the first of which is "Objects create happiness," and the last of which is, "Death will not touch you. " And there is a moment while raising her daughter, when she has something to say about the phrase “sleeping like a baby,” that is worth waiting for.

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The Garden of Cosmic Speculation - open for just five hours a year!

The Universe Cascade at the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, which spews down the hill below the house The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in the Borders area of southwest Scotland, has become something of a mystical destination since it only opens to the public for five hours each year. I was lucky enough to get there for the 2012 open day and despite crowds which cause a Chelsea football match to pale into insignificance, I'm glad I made it for a glimpse of this extraordinary garden created by landscape architect, Charles Jencks and his late wife, Maggie Keswick.

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chemtrail - definition of chemtrail in English

A visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation, rather than the condensed water of a vapour trail. ‘conspiracy theorists have been going wild with speculation over the nature and purpose of chemtrails’ ‘I have one in my book of an MV-80 airliner and it sure looks like a chemtrail behind that airplane. ’ ‘These are not the greatest quality however they show in my mind the differences between a contrail and a chemtrail. ’ ‘It's been real cold lately, and I blame the chemtrails for that.

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Manchester United

Man United News@ManUtdMEN Mourinho keeping his starters sharp for Wembley #mufc https://t. co/ZSqGwP40AI2/22/2017, 4:07:18 PM• Build-Up to ASSE • Bakayoko Wants PSG Not United • Rooney's Chinese Whispers Manchester Unitedvia Bleacher Report Manchester Unitedvia Bleacher ReportRob Dawson@RobDawsonMEN The FA have announced United's FA Cup sixth round tie with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge moved to Monday, March 13. On BBC One. 2/22/2017, 4:06:51 PMBBC Sport@BBCSport Manchester United are going for it. Their team news is out ahead of their Europa League trip to St Etienne.

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Dept. of Speculation

“A novel that’s wonderfully hard to encapsulate, because it faces in many directions at the same time, and glitters with different emotional colors. If it is a distressed account of a marriage in distress, it is also a poem in praise of the married state. If it brutally tears apart the boredom and frustrations of parenthood, it also solidly inhabits the joys and consolations of having a child. If it laments the work not done, the books not written, the aspirations unfulfilled, it also represents work well done, a book written, the fruit of aspiration.

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Dept. of Speculation (Vintage Contemporaries)

“Shimmering. . . . Breathtaking. . . . Joyously demanding. ” —The New York Times Book Review“Slender, quietly smashing. . . . A book so radiant, so sparkling with sunlight and sorrow, that it almost makes a person gasp. ” —The Boston Globe“Powerful. . . . Exquisite. . . . A novel that’s wonderfully hard to encapsulate, because it faces in many directions at the same time, and glitters with different emotional colors. ” —The New Yorker   “A startling feat of storytelling. . . Each line a dazzling, perfectly chiseled arrowhead aimed at your heart.

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