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Tax saving options : 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD, 80CCE, 80D, 80E

The Income Tax Act, 1960 has provided Section 80C, 80CCD, 80CCC, 80CCCE benefit to save tax by investing upto 1. 5 lakh in different options, each suited to a different need. In this article we shall cover the tax saving sections of Income Tax Act, discuss tax saving options under Section 80C, Section 80CCC, Section 80CCD, Section 80CCE, Other deductions available like Medical insurance (Section 80D), Education Loan (Section 80E), Interest on Housing Loan (Section 24), Disability and Disease (Section 80U). We compare the various options and also how ,since November 2011, Government has linked interest rates on small savings to market rates,pegged to the benchmark yield of government bonds.

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UK peer-to-peer lender MarketInvoice just raised £6 million from a Nordic fund

MarketInvoice co-founders Anil Stocker, left and Ilya Kondrashov. MarketInvoice MarketInvoice, a peer-to-peer business lender, just closed its first major round of financing despite already being four years old and lending over £475 million ($741 million) to date over its platform. The London startup has raised £6 million ($10 million) from Nordic venture capital firm Northzone, which also backed Spotify, and the family office of Paul Forster, the co-founder of job search engine Indeed. com. It's the company's "series A" round — tech speak for the for the first injection of capital from institutions rather than friends, family, or rich individuals.

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Federated recognizes the importance of gaining real world experience and applying what you have learned in school. At Federated, our internships and co-ops are designed to challenge and inspire you while giving you an opportunity to explore your career interests. The program allows current college students to enrich their education with valuable hands-on experience in a range of areas, including: Information Technology Marketing Finance Internal Sales Based upon our business needs, paid internships are frequently offered at several locations during the summer and, in some departments, during the school year.

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Ten pieces of investment advice from America's greatest investor

Warren Buffett, the fourth richest person in the world and the man widely thought to be the greatest investor of the past century, celebrates his birthday Aug. 30. As well regarded for his folksy wisdom as his monetary acumen, Mr. Buffett has been regaling investors with helpful nuggets of advice for decades. Here are some of Warren Buffet's best investment tips (but be forewarned: the Oracle of Omaha doesn't give out stock picks). 1. 'It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

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Home - DPG Investments

DPG executes sophisticated and innovative investment strategies with a goal of achieving attractive risk-adjusted rates of return.  DPG is sector agnostic, deploying capital into non-traditional alternative investment vehicles globally.  DPG’s core objectives of diversification, risk management, preservation of capital, and consistent long-term performance deliver absolute returns, uncorrelated to the global equity and bond markets.  Utilizing deep expertise in alternative investments, DPG remains committed to providing long-term value to its investors and clientele.

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The 10 Best Stocks of the Past 20 Years

The stock market has had some tumultuous times in the two decades since SmartMoney Magazine was founded. Google went public, Pets. com crashed and burned, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, Apple became the largest company in the world. But even through all the turmoil of the dot-com bust and the global financial crisis, there were a few stocks that would have delivered outstanding returns if you bought them in April 1992, when the first SmartMoney issues hit the newsstands. To screen for the 10 best stocks of the past 20 years, we first limited the search to companies that were in the Russell 3000 index in April 1992.

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About Zions Bank

One South Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84133 Officers A. Scott Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Harris H. Simmons, Chairman/CEO of Zions Bancorporation Advisory Board of Directors A. Scott Anderson, President and CEO, Zions Bank Clark Hinckley, retired SVP of Zions Bancorporation Dr. Matthew Holland, President of Utah Valley University Susan Johnson, President, Futura Industries Charley D. Jones, President and CEO, Charshaw, Inc. dba Stinker Stores Patricia Jones, CEO of the Women’s Leadership Institute Eric O. Leavitt, President, The Leavitt Group Kent I.

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The Price of Junk Silver Coins Makes Them a Good Investment

Folks have a hard time reckoning the price of junk silver coins. Junk silver coins make a good investment choice because they are made with ninety percent silver instead of 40% as the silver coins that are currently minted are. Since 1965 quarter, dimes, half dollars or silver dollars only have forty percent silver making them less valuable than those made prior to that period. Silver is a metal that is often overlooked but is a very good choice when thinking of long-term investment – and with junk silver coins you definitely get more bang for your buck!What is the price of junk silver coins?Surprisingly the junk silver coins are sold by their face value.

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Panama EPBMs

TBM RECORDER Panama prepares for EPBM deliveriesOct 2010 Two EPBMs are in final shop testing before dispatch by SELI to the Pando and Monte Lirio hydroelectric projects in Panama. The first machine was accepted by the client, Electron Investment SA, at the SELI factory in Aprilia, Italy this week and will be dismantled and shipped to Panama where it is expected to start boring the longer 7. 9km headrace tunnel for the Monte Lirio hydro scheme in January 2011. Factory acceptance at Aprilia The second, almost twin TBM for the 5. 2km Pando scheme headrace will be delivered in November for an expected start in February 2011.

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Compare the Best Savings Accounts in Australia for February 2017*

Rates last updated February 20th, 2017 The best savings account accommodates your savings style and will help you earn maximum interest, so you can achieve your financial goals sooner. It's important to differentiate between a savings account and a bank account. A bank account, or everyday transaction account, is used for daily transactions and day-to-day spending. A savings account is designed to keep your money safe while you earn interest on it. How do I find the best savings account for me?Match your savings style to the points below to help you choose the best savings account type for your situation.

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