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TOTAL Distributor Portal

TOTAL Lubricants Lube Advisor is a service provided by TOTAL Lubricants which enables you to provide the correct lubricant for a vehicle.  The extensive database encompasses virtually every major vehicle manufacturer from cars to HGV's and agricultural equipment.  Where the manufacturer has provided a specification we have cross matched it to the TOTAL lubricant that meets that specification.  

In order to make best possible use of TOTAL Lube Advisor please follow these steps:

  • Click on the web link and select the required vehicle type from the carousel.
  • From the drop down menus below the carousel select the make, the model and the type. 
  • Select confirm.    

 The page will open up with the available vehicle configurations, engines, gearboxes etc. and

the required TOTAL lubricant. Where the manufacturer has provided this information, capacities and temperature ranges may also be provided.  

An additional feature for cars and motorbikes is a licence plate recognition system. Simply input the licence plate number of your vehicle and the correct lubricant will be shown for that vehicle type.

All information provided by TOTAL's Lubricants Lube Advisor service is provided in good faith based on information provided by the manufacturer. TOTAL provide no warranty express or implied as to the suitability of any product. TOTAL Lubricants reserve the right to make changes to the service as and when required.

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