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Enrollment Center

Welcome to the Enrollment Center, your one-stop shop for all your enrollment needs. Services such as registration, advising, cashiers, financial aid, parking permits, and getting your Student ID are now available all in one location. 

Situated on the east side of the Southern & Dobson campus, the Enrollment Center is best accessed from the East Parking Lot. Click here to view the Enrollment Center (Building 39) on an interactive map. In the Enrollment Center you’ll be helped by someone who can direct you to all the resources you need, whether you're a first time student, or are returning for another semester. 

Do you need a parking sticker or student ID card?  Come to the Enrollment Center, Building 39. Read additional information here.

Alternatively, are you looking for Enrollment Services at our Red Mountain Campus?

New Students

Welcome to MCC!  We’re excited to help you get started with the next chapter of your educational journey.  Before you start registering for classes we need to get you into our system and enroll you in the college.  You can do this one of two ways:

Visit the Enrollment Center, our one-stop-shop for all your enrollment needs. Upon entering you will be welcomed by a Greeter, employees identified by wearing name tags on lanyards.  They will direct you on how best to get started and guide you through the

process of becoming a student.

Not sure which program or classes you are interested in? We have computers available for you to browse our site to get an idea of what we offer at MCC.  If you would rather speak with someone about which program or degree is best for you, visit Career Services.

Returning Students

At the Enrollment Center you can access all the services you’ll need for your next semester at MCC.  Sign in at one of the computer stations.  You’ll be put into a queue for whichever service you need; sit and relax while keeping an eye on your spot in line on the queue display screen.

QLess - Virtual Lines for Enrollment Services

Academic Advising

Need advising?  Skip the queue and get in line for Quick Advising.  Our employees can answer general questions, help you add or drop classes, and if they determine you are in need of more in-depth advising, they can put you in the queue to speak with an Academic Advisor.

Academic Advising for Nursing, Music Education, Music Performance, Music Theory, Fire Science, and Network/Network Admin is handled by each respective department:

All Services

Admissions, Advisement, Registration, Financial Aid, and Cashier Services are all located in the Enrollment Center.  Click the corresponding button below to go to an individual department.

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