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How We Help Advisers and Financial Planners

Morningstar gives advisers and financial planners the independent perspective they need to respond to changing regulatory and business demands. Financial professionals, whether independent or restricted, turn to us for support and services that help them build sustainable, thriving practices.

Optimise Your Practice
Not only can you enhance your investment and service propositions with Morningstar’s practice management tools, you can also manage regulatory requirements such as the Retail Distribution Review. Through our consulting service we create bespoke fund and product panels to suit each firm’s business needs and investment philosophy. Using Morningstar products brings efficiencies to your business, such as integrations with leading adviser platforms and back-office systems, which allow you to deliver a high level of service to different tiers of clients in less time.
 Adviser Workstation Office Edition
 Fund and Product Panelling
 Morningstar Managed Portfolios
 Morningstar Adviser Forums

Conduct Investment Research
We make it easy for you to access timely, accurate data for researching a full range of investments. With simple screening tools, you can quickly filter investments based on your criteria. Qualitative analyst research and ratings from Morningstar help you determine suitable investments for clients. Your recommendations are reinforced with independent, credible research support that investors know and trust.
 Adviser Workstation Office Edition
 Adviser Pricing Data Feed Premium Membership

Support the Investment Process
We offer a range of support for the investment process, from practice management tools to bespoke consultancy services, tailored to your business, clients and investment philosophy. These help advisers deliver robust investment and product advice, suitable for each client’s risk profile and financial goals. Risk tolerance questionnaires and investment planning tools available through our software or consultancy leverage our asset allocation and investment expertise.
 Morningstar Investment Consulting
 Adviser Workstation Office Edition

Strengthen Client Relationships
Easy-to-understand charts, investment reports and proposals from Morningstar give your clients confidence in your advice and educate them about the value of investing. Our reports translate complex investment data into meaningful information for investors. Automated client reporting and a convenient web portal keep you in touch with clients, allowing you to provide the hands-on service today’s clients expect.
 Adviser Workstation Office Edition

Advance Your Expertise
Every Morningstar product comes with complimentary training and support to help you learn how it can benefit your practice. We also hold adviser events throughout the year where you’ll hear from industry experts, learn how to strengthen your practice, and expand your knowledge of emerging investment types. You can also keep up with daily market news, ratings and analysis on our investing website,®.
 Morningstar Investment Conference UK
 Morningstar Adviser Forums Premium Membership

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