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Youth employment | ETUC

Press release

The European Trade Union Confederation and its Youth Committee warned EU leaders meeting today in Brussels that the proposed European Solidarity Corps – on the agenda for today’s summit - should not divert funds or focus away from tackling youth unemployment.

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Resolution Document

Brussels, 18 January 2017


The Youth Guarantee (YG) is, at the moment of writing this follow-up report, high in the agenda of the European institutions. Indeed, important decisions are being taken regarding the future of the measure, its future funding and further implementation. The ETUC pushed EU institutions for the launch of the Youth Guarantee and welcomed its implementation. The establishment of such a guarantee in Europe was advocated by the ETUC and the ETUC Youth Committee as early as 2009 in its call “Towards a new social deal in Europe: Fight the crisis, put people first”.

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Press release
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Commenting on European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen’s proposals – announced today -  for tackling youth unemployment, the European Trade Union Confederation warned that the funds did not match the 

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Press release

Tomorrow European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen will unveil proposals for an EU

Skills Agenda in the European Parliament, with a press conference later in the week.

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The European quality framework for apprenticeships was launched during a conference held on 14 April 2016 in Brussels. This framework consists of 20 quality criteria, which have been developed in a bottom-up approach through engaging with experts at national and European levels over the course of 4 joint sectoral seminars and 20 national country visits.

Other language versions of the publication will follow shortly.

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Press release

With youth unemployment over 22% across the EU*, and a shocking 53% in Spain*, European trade unions are demanding that funding for the EU’s Youth Guarantee is extended. 

Position Document

ETUC assessment of the European Commission Work Programme 2016  

ETUC position adopted at the ETUC Executive Commitee on the 16-17 December 2015



The 2015-2017 work programme of the european partners 'partnership for inclusive growth and employment'

Press release
Source: ETUC

Today, the European Youth Forum and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), during their joint conference on youth employment at the European Economic and Social Committee, called for good quality jobs for young people.

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