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Belarc Advisor - Download

Belarc Advisor is a simple program that creates a complete profile of your software and hardware, alerting you to missing Microsoft hotfixes, the status of you antivirus status, computer benchmarks, and more.

Although it might not be the most exciting way to spend half an hour, the moment will probably come when you need detailed information on your computer. Instead of wasting time rooting around in drawers and boxes for manuals and specifications, download Belarc Advisor and let it do it for you.

Belarc Advisor is a fairly simple program, at least in the way it works. When you open it, the tool scans your computer for all the information it needs. It does this relatively quickly, and informs you of its progress as it goes. Once it has everything, Belarc Advisor displays its results in your default web browser.


is when Belarc Advisor starts to get a little complicated. One of the things the latest version of Belarc Advisor hasn't managed to do is to simplify or re-organize the results. Although the information is top class, very complete and well-explained, there is an awful lot of it, and new users might be overwhelmed. Don't get too downcast, however, because careful examination reveals a fairly logical presentation.

Although Belarc Advisor’s information covers everything imaginable, from network mapping and software versions to license keys and user accounts, almost all options have further rollover information, there is a guide to the symbols used in the report, and in some areas, such as system benchmarking, you can click though to new pages displaying both your results and explaining the tests.

Belarc Advisor will give you all the system information you ever wanted - and then some!

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