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Interview Q&A: Financial Advisor Interview Questions And Answers

Financial advisors are a significant factor in the livelihood of both companies and individuals and handle important confidential material. You will be expected to appropriately analyze this information and provide reasonable, sound advice. This is a substantial burden that requires a number of important skills. As such, when applying for a position, you want to make sure that you are prepared to answer some of the following financial advisor interview questions and answers.

Financial Approaches

There are a variety of different financial services and approaches. Corporate and individual financial portfolios and needs can differ greatly, and it is important for a potential employer to understand your specific expertise. It can also be beneficial to highlight your ability to work with different clients. They will also want to understand how you approach and interact with clients. While there is no single method, they will want to see that you are comfortable with crafting effective systems. Here are some potential ways to approach these interview questions and answers.

· What types of customers are you comfortable working with?

“I provide an extensive offering of services including advising on financial budget and planning. I have mostly worked with corporations in the past, but I am also comfortable with handling individual finances. I am dedicated to providing the best services appropriate for each situation.”

· What approaches do you use when giving advice?

“Because individuals process information differently, it is important to provide printed budget materials. Additionally, it is crucial to meet with clients in person to work through the details. I believe this approach helps give clients a full understanding of their current finances and future goals.”

Client Relationships

Creating and maintaining loyal client relationships is an important part of financial advising. Potential employers want to know that you are able to establish a trusting relationship with clients. They also want to ensure that you are able to maintain and continue

important ties with each individual or company. These clients are the backbone to financial institutions, and it is important to keep them. Here are a couple questions and answers to consider as you prepare.

· How do you gain the trust of new clients?

“ I think that it is important that clients feel listened to from the very beginning. Their money is important, and they want to be understood. Therefore, I clearly note all their priorities and work with them to address their needs.”

· How do you maintain client loyalty?

“Regular updates and communication are an important part of maintaining client relationships. I regularly contact them with updates, and I am always available to address concerns as quickly as possible. If there is a specific issue, I set up a face to face meeting to resolve these concerns.”


Knowledge and experience are an necessary piece in becoming a financial advisor. Because there are a multitude of certifications available, employers will want to see that you are growing in the field. You want to highlight all of the important education and experience that you possess and explain how it may help you excel in the company. Here is an idea of how to respond to this question.

· What experience do you possess for this position?

“I received a degree in finance from “X” university. I completed a financial advising internship at “X” company where I gained a range of hands on experience. I recently received my CPA and stay up to date on current financial and stock trends. I am looking forward to growing further in your company.”

As a financial advisor, you play a vital role in the financial future of corporations and individuals, and it is important that you gain the trust of your clients. During the financial advisor interview process, it is important that you clearly demonstrate your ability to meet clients’ needs.

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