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Computers Software Master Data Management Articles Category for articles directly related to master data management, reference data management, or processes that allow companies to create a 'golden copy' of their data. Master Data Needs Managing Too Computerworld article by Heather Havenstein that says managing master data requires different technologies and processes than managing metadata, though users say the effort is just as important. Master Data: Think Globally, Start Locally Intelligent Enterprise article from Doug Henschen that notes that BI, transaction optimization and SOA ambitions are driving master data management. His advice is think broadly, get in incrementally and prepare for the leg work. article by Jessica Tsai reviewing the opening keynote for the 2008 MDM Summit. (October 20, 2008) DestinationCRM article by James Kobielus advocating that customer data and business data must be controlled through master data management. (May 01, 2008) Business Intelligence Network article and podcast by Malcolm Chisholm that attempts to define the term 'master data'. (February 06, 2008) Master Data Synchronization – Assessing Requirements Business Intelligence Network article by David Loshin that says there are characteristics associated with maintaining the synchronization and consistency of master data that impose implementation constraints when implementing master data consolidation and integration services. (January 24, 2008) The Fourth Generation of MDM Information Management article by Aaron Zornes that highlights the various functionalities necessary for future master data management implementations. (October 01, 2007) A Phased Approach to Enterprise Master Data Management Business Intelligence Network article by Colin White that says enterprise master data management (MDM) should always be the objective of any long-term MDM plan, and the secret to implementing this plan is a phased and tactical approach. (June 20, 2007) BI Network article from Richard Skriletz explaining why master data is a business problem first. (April 17, 2007) As Master Data Management Matures, Its Availability Improves article from Chris Preimesberger and Jeffrey Burt. With an average cost of $1 million, MDM deployments used to be relegated to only the largest companies in the world. But now new companies are now stepping into the market with creative products and services. (March 30, 2007) Customer data integration evolves to customer hubs article by Hannah Smalltree. The customer data integration market is moving toward customer hubs, according to Forrester's latest ranking of the top vendors. (January 10, 2007) article by Philip Howard taking the position that the market has now recognised that a siloed approach to MDM is a no-no. (December 22, 2006) Information Age article by Kenny MacIver on Labatt bringing consistency to its data with master data management. (December 11, 2006) Gartner, Forrester take on Vendor Claims article by Hannah Smalltree. To combat confusion, Forrester and Gartner released frameworks for evaluating master data management technology. (December 05, 2006) MDM Enthuses, Confuses BI, DM Pros Enterprise Systems article by Stephen Swoyer about

ongoing enthusiasm and confusion about MDM by data management professionals. (November 29, 2006) MDM and the Question of Data Back-Integration Business Intelligence Network article by David Loshin on issues involved with using MDM to provide a “round-trip” integration process for all of your master data objects. (November 27, 2006) Mastering Master Data Management Information Management article from Lou Agosta that says master data is pervasive and fundamental to business success and that companies should address it strategically. (July 20, 2006) The Next Wave of Data Management Intelligent Enterprise Magazine article by Jill Dych and Evan Levy. The search for better data management practices has led to data stewardship and data governance efforts, but confusion over roles and disconnects between IT and the business have led to gaps in cooperation. The next wave will bring customer data integration and master data management initiatives that promise to relieve business experts from the drudgery of defining and maintaining customer data, while developers will dodge the chaos of point-to-point integration. (July 01, 2006) Business Intelligence Network article by David Loshin that argues a solid definition is required for the concept of master data. (May 22, 2006) MDM May Change Your Life…or Not Article in The Register by Mark Whitehorn that considers if MDM is really a breakthrough technology or just another acronym? (April 26, 2006) Master Data versus Reference Data Information Management article by Malcolm Chisholm attempting to draw some distinctions between master data and reference data. (April 01, 2006) Getting Started on Master Data Management article by Mark Brunelli covering Cliff Longman's views of what you need to know before embarking on a master data management (MDM) initiative. (March 09, 2006) Intelligent Enterprise article by Susana Schwartz that says master data management is about services-based delivery of clean, consistent data, but companies have to get stakeholders to agree to terms. (March 01, 2006) article from Hannah Smalltree that says the new emphasis on master data management (MDM) technology isn't resonating with everyone. Does MDM really warrant the hype? (December 19, 2005) IBM looks to 'master' unruly data article from Martin LaMonica describing the pieces IBM has compiled to take on the master data management market. (November 14, 2005) Information Age article by Kenny MacIver that says master data management aims to address one of IT’s most troubling issues. (November 07, 2005) DestinationCRM article by Marshall Lager that suggests studies and service offerings point to the need for better information herding. (October 06, 2005) Master Data Standards and Data Exchange Information Management article from David Loshin looks at a case study involving the exchange of data using what are thought to be commonly defined data standards. (Registration required.) (July 01, 2005) The Fun Begins With Structure Intelligent Enterprise Magazine article hy David Stodder that asks the question "Will master data management open new doors for BI?" (June 01, 2005) [Computer Mozilla]

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