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Get Wise to Your Advisor

Praise for Get Wise to Your Advisor

"Get Wise to Your Advisor is a bracing wake-up call for investors everywhere. Steve Lockshin shows that while many financial advisors do great work, others work in a system where their own self-interest inevitably trumps the interests of their clients. This sharp and accessible guide can help you separate the solid from the slippery and put your own financial life on firmer ground."
Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

"In an era when both good and bad advice abounds in every channel of the advisory market, Get Wise to Your Advisor demystifies the options for the uninitiated investor. Wisdom is often borne of skepticism, and with Get Wise to Your Advisor, Lockshin provides a practical guide to help clients be thoughtful, careful, and prudent in selecting and assessing a financial advisor. His blunt and forthright overview of the tricks of

unscrupulous practitioners will no doubt keep many from being duped. Bravo!"
Sterling Shea, Managing Director, Head of Advisory Programs, Barron's

"A top-ranked Barron's advisor with an admirable sense of social justice serves as an intrepid guide through a complex, conflict-riddled industry. Steve is fighting for what's right for individuals seeking investment advice, armed with fluency in behavioral economics, a level head, and a vision of how technology is changing Wall Street, finally."
Jon Stein, CFA, founder and CEO,

"Get Wise to Your Advisor is a must-read. Lockshin simplifies and demystifies much of the Wall Street mumbo jumbo that inhibits investor success. If you're not 100% sure that your advisor is on your side, Steve's book will help you find out and, if necessary, shop for a new advisor who puts your interests first."
Curtis Polk, Vice Chairman, Charlotte Bobcats (NBA); manages the financial and business affairs of Michael Jordan and his related companies

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