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5 days face to face Level 3 Diploma in non-domestic energy assessment plus Green Deal online learning modules and 2 days face to face training.

8 - 12 June 2015 - BRE Waford

Details :

BRE Training is delighted to launch its Level 4 Diploma* in Green Deal Non-Domestic Advice qualification programme. This New Entrant programme consists of Level 3 Non-domestic Building Energy Assessment and Green Deal Non-Domestic Advice combined training. 
* (Scottish candidates only - With effect from 01 Nov 2013 BRE will only offer the full formal Non Domestic Green Deal course as that for E & W).  Please consult with the Training teambeforeconfirming a booking  to obtain details on funding support for this course in Scotland).

We have developed an interactive and flexible learning and assessment programme that will provide you with an effective learning process which will:

  • Be at a pace and time to suit you
  • Minimise the amount of time taken in travel or out of the workplace.
  • Provide a mix of on-line learning, interactive workshops and hands on assessment which has been welcomed as very enjoyable and effective in several other BRE courses.
  • Include access to unique facilities and relevant showcase buildings at:
    • BRE sites such as our Victorian Terrace and Innovation Parks and those of our partners at the Think Low Carbon building, Barnsley, and CoRE ‘living refurbishment’ demonstrator, Stoke.

As a new entrant, you will need to complete the Level 3 Non-domestic training in a five day classroom based programme before you start the Green Deal Advisor course. The assessment process will be interactive between the two aspects of the qualification.

Programme :

Level 3 Non-Domestic Building Energy Assessment:

Level 3  relates to simple existing buildings with commonly occurring characteristics that can be modelled using the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)

5 day Face to Face Training covers:

Day 1 & 5 Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)

  • Principles of energy calculation and rating
  • The structure of the iSBEM tool
  • Data assembly and zoning rules
  • Entering general information, building fabric, geometry and building services details
  • Generating the EPC and recommendations report   
  • Part L* compliance checking and the limits to a Level 4 assessment
  • Understanding construction drawings and terminology
  • Determining non-default information
  • Working out U & Cm values for constructions not in the databases
  • Zoning for combination systems
    * Scottish equivalent is Section 6

Day 2  Commercial building construction and survey

  • Recognising commonly occurring commercial building constructions
  • Determining the age of commercial property

  • Measuring and Survey techniques

  • Sources of information

Day 3 & 4 Building Services 

  • Basic principles
  • Heating systems – heat generation and distribution
  • Comfort cooling systems
  • Hot water provision
  • Controls
  • Lighting
  • Sources of information
  • Understanding the limits of a Level 3 assessment
  • Carry out 2 Non-dom Building EPC Assignments  (Candidate will need to find one Commercial Building for EPC production to complete the portfolio requirement)

Level 4 Diploma in Non-Domestic Green Deal Advice

The on-line material covers:

  • Introduction to the Green Deal; including: The Energy Act
  • The principles and mechanics of the Green Deal; including the roles within the Green Deal process, Codes of Practice, responsibilities, objectives and targets
  • An overview of the technologies and energy efficiency improvements eligible under Green Deal
  • An overview of occupancy behaviour and building management and how these effect the energy consumption and potential energy savings
  • The Green Deal finance process
  • Data required to be collected for the Green Deal process and an overview of the Green Deal SBEM tool.

Following this there are two classroom based training days held at either BRE Watford, or partner venues to consolidate and explore the learning experience from completing the on-line modules. The two days interactive training includes:

  • Communication skills required of the Green Deal Advisor
  • The Green Deal SBEM tool:
    • Operational profile assessment
    • Determining the management score
    • Importance of comprehensive and valid data
    • Reviewing recommendations
    • Evaluating the potential effects of selected measures
    • Barriers and opportunities for existing buildings:
      • Structural issues
      • Moisture issues
      • Location and orientation of the building
      • Building services
      • Energy management
      • Energy efficiency measures:
        • Developing a package of combined measures and their interaction
        • Occupancy behaviour and education
        • Principles of energy efficiency
        • Using the GD SBEM software through a case study example
        • Production of an example Green Deal Advice Report

There will be a programme of assignment and portfolio work that is completed on-line and reviewed by your assessor. This will include the production of Green Deal Advice Reports.

A separate face to face assessment session will be held in which a role play assignment will be held in order for you to demonstrate your skills in being able to communicate and provide the advice and guidance required of a Non-Domestic Green Deal Advisor.

BRE has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in energy management, sustainable refurbishment and energy efficiency. We have also a high level of expertise in the GD SBEM tool. This experience has been used to produce high class training materials. Our expertise combined with our excellent training facilities and trainers will give you one of the best and comprehensive routes becoming a Green Deal Advisor.


Green Deal Non-Domestic Advisor for new entrants: £2,750 plus VAT (this includes all the Awarding Body registration fees)

BRE Scotland and Skills Development Scotland
Low Carbon Skills Fund

The need to develop Low Carbon Skills in Scotland is recognised as a priority area by the Scottish Government. Skills Development Scotland (SDS) are offering financial support for eligible applicants to the Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF) to assist firms and individual who which to upskill.

The LCSF gives employers in Scotland with up to 250 employees the opportunity to apply for up to £12,500 towards employee training costs. By increasing expertise in this growth area we can harness the opportunities offered by our natural resources to make Scotland a world leader in sustainable energy. BRE’s energy training courses are eligible for funding by the LCSF.

If you would like to more details of the LCSF, please visit the Skills Development Scotland web site.

You can download their application form here. Please remember that you should submit an application to SDS before committing to any low carbon skills training.                                      

Low Carbon Skills Fund Application.

Skills development Scotland Helplines:

Employers         0800 783 6000

Individuals         0800 917 8000

You can find more details of the LCSF here. Please remember that you direct all enquiries to SDS and submit an application to SDSbeforecommitting to any low carbon skills training.

How to apply

If you wish to book a place please provide  BRE  with a copy of your current CV to demonstrate your experience. On confirmation of your eligibility for the course you will be required to complete a booking form which will need to be completed and returned to us before your place is confirmed.

What happens next?

We will then respond with full details of confirmation of training dates and joining instructions. You will also receive the online learning modules details.

The fee allows for assessment support for a period of 6 months from attending the first workshop and also depending on the amount of time applicants are able to devote to the assessment programme. We believe this is more than sufficient to complete your Diploma and our assessment fees have been set on that basis. However, if by this time you have not completed the Diploma and require further support then an additional fee will be payable. 


  • BRE Training - Terms & Conditions
  • Candidate Appeals Procedure

For more information: BRE Academy

+44 (0) 333 321 88 11

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