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Fidelity Advisor Freedom Income Fund;I



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Feb 8, 2017

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Mixed-Asset Target Today Funds

Fund family

Fidelity Freedom

Fund inception

July 24, 2003

Investment Policy

The Fund seeks high total return with a secondary objective of principal preservation, by investing in a combination of Fidelity equity, fixed-income, and money market/short-term funds using a moderate asset allocation strategy designed for investors already in retirement.

Company Symbol % of total net assets
Fidelity Series Real Estate Equity Fund n/a 0.19
Fidelity Series Floating Rate High Income Fund n/a 0.26
Fidelity Series 1000 Value Index Fund n/a 0.35
Fidelity Series Real Estate Income Fund n/a 0.5
Fidelity Series International

Small Cap Fund

n/a 0.53
Fidelity Series Emerging Markets Debt Fund n/a 0.66
Fidelity Advisor Series Small Cap Fund n/a 0.87
Fidelity Series 100 Index Fund n/a 0.89
Fidelity Series Small Cap Opportunities Fund n/a 1.07
Fidelity Advisor Series Growth Opportunities Fund n/a 1.09
Fidelity Series All-Sector Equity Fund n/a 1.22
Fidelity Advisor Series Opportunistic Insights n/a 1.55
Fidelity Advisor Series Equity Growth Fund n/a 1.66
Fidelity Series Commodity Strategy Fund n/a 1.74
Fidelity Adv Srs Stock Selector Large Cap Value n/a 2.13
Fidelity Advisor Series Growth & Income Fund n/a 2.21
Fidelity Series International Growth Fund n/a 2.31
Fidelity Series High Income Fund n/a 2.4
Fidelity Series International Value Fund n/a 2.41
Fidelity Advisor Series Equity-Income Fund n/a 3.2
Fidelity Series Inflation-Protected Bond Idx Fd n/a 3.85
Fidelity Series Emerging Markets Fund n/a 4.67
Fidelity Advisor Series Short-Term Credit Fund n/a 8.84
Fidelity Series Government Money Market Fund n/a 18.44
Fidelity Series Investment Grade Bond Fund n/a 36.85

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