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Mercer LifetimePlus®

Many people retiring today will live to at least 90 – but their super won’t last as long as they do. In fact, most people retire with only enough savings to last 14 years. On average retirees will outlive their super by up to 5 years.

Mercer LifetimePlus® is a multi-award winning investment option designed to protect Australians against longevity risk - the risk of outliving their savings. It offers Australians access to simple, affordable and flexible risk protection.

Mercer was rated one of Australia’s top 50 most innovative companies in 2015, due in part to the successful launch of Mercer LifetimePlus, the game-changing solution for retiring Australians. Mercer LifetimePlus has now won a string of awards including Money Magazine’s 2016 Best of the Best Innovative Retirement Product, Innovator of the

Year at the Conexus Financial Superannuation Awards, the Chant West award for Best Fund, Innovation and was the only superannuation product in 2015 to be recognised with a CANSTAR Innovation Excellence Award.

What is Mercer LifetimePlus?

Mercer LifetimePlus is a conservative investment option within an account based pension that can offer retirees an income for life. With some of their super invested in Mercer LifetimePlus a retiree can expect modest returns early in retirement from cash and fixed interest investments. Over time, Mercer LifetimePlus can generate an increasing return and provide an income for life. This is achieved by combining the conservative investment strategy with a unique longevity risk pooling structure.

See Mercer LifetimePlus in action.

Mercer LifetimePlus® is subject to a provisional patent application by Mercer (Australia) Proprietary Limited.

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