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The power of Kelley Blue Book in every car

Your customers already rely on Kelley Blue Book for the most accurate new car pricing data available. Now, with the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor Report, you can give your customers the data they trust for every vehicle on your lot. Link to comprehensive valuation reports in your online listings, or pull them up on your desktop or tablet. You’ll sell more cars to more confident customers — and stop sacrificing margins during negotiations.

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  • With access to in-depth used vehicle details like vehicle options, model reviews, warranties and history reports from industry-leading sources like CARFAX® and AutoCheck®, your customers can rest assured knowing they have all the details about their car of choice.

    Trust in the vehicle
  • Trust in the deal

    Show customers where your prices fall in the Kelley Blue Book

    Fair Market Range with real comparable vehicles, and clearly display the vehicle value insights that explain the pricing. Your customers get fully transparent prices — and you’ll get to cut back on negotiations.

  • Display your dealership’s available services and customer reviews upfront, creating the transparency and accountability your customers need to confidently do business with you.

    Trust in the dealership
  • Access the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor Report on your tablet to earn your customers’ trust on the showroom floor.

  • vAuto earns your loyalty by delivering exceptional value every day.

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