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Leadership Advocacy

As a registered investment advisor (RIA), your commitment to your clients’ best interests makes a difference for investors every day. It takes expertise, dedication, and an innovative spirit to deliver an exceptional client experience.

At Schwab Advisor Services, we have built our business on serving the needs of RIAs and advancing an industry that helps you and your clients thrive. We understand your needs, and we work side by side with you, providing support to help you manage your firm and meet your goals. You make a difference in your clients’ lives. We strive to make a difference in yours. Together, we are the difference.

We put advisors at the center of everything we do. We work to understand your business, learn what you want to accomplish, and help you achieve your goals. We know a platform of institutional-caliber products, services and tools are just a starting point for success - just

as crucial are the deep expertise and dedication of our tenured teams.

Powering Your Business

Draw on the unique insights and solutions we’ve gleaned from decades of working closely with RIAs. We understand the challenges of your business. We bring you best practices from firms across the country. And we know that people power success. Our people and yours, working together to make a difference for your business and your clients.

Leading Together

To help support your firm as it evolves, we’re committed to putting essential insights at your fingertips and connecting you with peers and thought leaders. For more than two decades, we’ve helped the independent advisory industry innovate and grow, and we continue to advocate for your best interests.

“Schwab is constantly surveying, constantly talking with firms like ours to understand where we see the future of our business, so they can help lead us there. This is unusual. A custodian, generally speaking, will follow. Schwab leads.”

—Ralph D. Sinsheimer, The Solaris Group, New York, New York

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