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Matthew Winard

Dedicated Financial Strategist with experience analyzing, revamping, and implementing financial operation processes to grow business, drive revenue, and expand enterprise. Leverage sharp financial and procedural acumen to develop and realize dynamic strategies for immediate and long-lasting benefit.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Market & Operations, Project Management, Process Development & Improvement,

Business Analysis, Client & Broker Relations, Loan Management, User Acceptance Testing,

Account Reporting, Team Leadership, Financial Database Management

Work History
  • Maintained record database and managed all daily clerical operations. Oversaw regular communication with clients and distribution of account information. Composed, sorted, and properly coded confidential new account applications. Contributed
  • Participate in derivatives and leverage loans group operations.
  • Liaise with brokers to issue and agree to margin calls and collaborate with the office of the Chief Investment Officer regarding collateral movements.
  • Manage approval workflow of OTC Derivative trades and confirms between the Trader, Legal, Credit Research, Operations and the Counterparty by Leveraging knowledge of ISDA, CSA definitions, DTCC, and OTC derivative products to streamline financial operations.
  • Team lead in settling interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, swaptions, equity options, cross currency swaps, futures, fx forwards, total return swaps, inflation swaps, cap corridors, and treasury locks utilizing combination of DTCC, Aladdin, Marketwire for clearing eligible trades, and direct contact with brokers. Verify all documentation is signed, distributed and archived both timely and accurately.
  • Team lead in tracking daily

    ongoing OTC Derivative payments and ensuring proper settlement of such payments.

  • Respond to departmental inquiries resolving questions and concerns regarding OTC Derivatives. Forecast operational workflow impacts of Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in clearing of eligible trades and collateral movements.
  • Work with management and Information Technology to improve/automate processes of OTC and Cleared Derivatives with the implementation of Dodd Frank regulations.
  • Worked with and operationally manage $123B in derivative notionals, $1B of collateral, 1,400 positions, 950 yearly trades, 6,000 wires (net outgoing $5.8B).
  • Run advanced operations to manage 350+ collateralized loan obligations spread across various portfolios. Process and maintain data integrity, i.e. rollovers, spread changes, contract splits, and exchanges for all portfolios.
  • Reduced overtime needs by formulating and implementing automation processes.
  • Cultivated and monitored database consisting of $5B par of leveraged loans.
  • Systems and applications: Aladdin, WSO, CAMRA, DTCC, MarketWire, CLS, CDOnet, Moody’s, S&P

A U.S. registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization

  • Keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the Corporation’s properties and business transactions, including accounts of it assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains and losses.
  • Manage a $50,000 annual budget. Prepare and certify the financial statements.
  • Create and maintain forecasted budgets to present to the Board. All other duties assigned to the Treasurer by the Corporation’s Bylaws.
  • GPA 3.71, Program Distinction
Skills Proficient in VLOOKUPS, Pivot Tables, Graphs, Condition statements e.g. IF/AND.

Category: Advisor

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