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Reason #1: Belarc Advisor is not a portable app
Alternative: Winaudit
I think that the only real Belarc Advisor's competitor in its weight category is Winaudit. It is free, feature rich, easy to use and almost the same as Belarc Advisor in most cases. But Winaudit has a great advantage - you don't need to install Winaudit because you are dealing with portable application.

Reason #2: The area of Belarc Advisor is restricted to personal use only
Alternatives: Winaudit, Spiceworks, Admlink, Open Audit
Belarc Advisor can be utilized for personal, non-commercial and non-profit needs only. So, you can't inventory your office computer, but what if you need to? Listed above Belarc Advisr's alternatives come into play. They are not all free but it's fair enough to pay for tools that help you make money.

Reason #3: You can create profile for only one computer, but what if you have several PCs?
Alternatives: Network Inventory Advisor - official website or CNET listing, Spiceworks
If you have several computers in your

network, Belarc Advisor is not enough. You need a solid network inventory solution to track what is installed on every computer in your network, both software and hardware. Alternatives have been tested with great results and I can recommend them to everyone in need of network inventory software.

Reason #4: Belarc Advisor is for Windows only, but why do Windows users have all that fun?
Alternatives: Sysinfo (for Linux OS), Hardinfo (for Linux OS)
Windows is the most popular desktop operating system in nowadays. But you can also run Linux or Mac OS and that is where Belarc Advisor fails. It works only with Windows-based systems.

written by: Anthony Brooks on July 1, 2011Anthony Brooks "Close look at Belarc Advisor"- byAnthony Brooks , November 08, 2008

7 /10stars

it's free and useful, so it's hard to complain too much.

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Network Inventory Advisor: PC inventory software with multiple OS support
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