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Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd., is a privately owned registered investment advisor. The firm was founded in 1989 by Richard Young to help investors reduce the emotional stress that comes with day-to-day investing.

Building on the pioneering work of investment luminaries such as Benjamin Graham and Jack Bogle, our founder crafted an investment strategy that is grounded in the principles of diversification, value, and compound interest.

We aren’t traders or speculators and don’t offer strategies for either approach. We consider ourselves conservative investors. We diversify globally and across asset classes, and with few exceptions, we invest only in securities that generate a stream of cash for compounding. A typical client portfolio includes both international and domestic stocks and bonds, funds, commodities, and even currencies.

Proprietary Research

We generate all of our own investment ideas. We don’t outsource the management of your portfolio to a third party. Every security we purchase is vetted by our in-house team of investment professionals. If you want to know why we purchased a security in your account or if you are looking for an update on our global economic outlook, just ask. And while diversification is a cornerstone of our investment strategy, we

don’t believe in over-diversification. Too often today, advisors cobble together hundreds upon hundreds of securities and call it a portfolio. We call such an approach closet indexing. In our common stock portfolios, we purchase a sufficient number of securities to gain the benefits of diversification without diluting exposure to our highest-conviction investment ideas.

All About You

When you decide to join our private client family, we will work together to craft a portfolio that meets your personal, family, or company needs. Perhaps retirement income is your goal, or maybe you are looking to scale down portfolio risk. We can help. Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd., is committed to your comfort and peace of mind.

Conflict-Free Advice

Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd., is a fee-only investment advisor. We don’t underwrite securities, execute trades, or custody assets. Our advice is free of the conflicts of interest that plague commission-based brokers and large Wall Street firms with securities to distribute. Our interests are aligned with yours. When you benefit, we benefit. And you can take comfort in knowing that when you join Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd., your assets are held at one of America’s largest discount brokers.

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