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What Are the Job Responsibilities for an Administrative Assistant for a Financial Advisor? | eHow

Businesses hire administrative assistants to perform a variety of clerical duties. An administrative assistant for a financial advisor needs more specific skills, including those associated with financial documents. The administrative assistant’s main function is to provide support to the financial advisor.

  • An administrative assistant for a financial advisor opens accounts for new clients, keeps track of wire transfers and processes paper work associated with check requests. The assistant also aids in the preparation of proposals and portfolio reports. An administrative assistant to a financial advisor understands financial terms and processes.

  • Depending on the size of the operation, the administrative assistant may also handle payroll duties and monitor petty cash. The administrative assistant maintains records concerning staff office space, telephones, company credit cards and office keys. Where necessary, the administrative assistant helps staff with appropriate office-related projects.

  • Administrative assistants are expected to help with filing, faxing, mailing and photocopying. They also answer phones and set up appointments. Other duties include setting up conferences and staff meetings, keeping appointment calendars up to date and preparing memos and letters.

  • The administrative assistant keeps the clients’ files organized, orders office supplies

    and orders new software. The administrative assistant contacts suppliers to renew office contracts for such items as insurance or computer or copier service. Additional duties also include researching prices and making recommendations if the equipment needs replacement.

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