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FIFA 17 Help – How to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support

FIFA 17 Help - How to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support Team

Do you need help with your FIFA 17 experience? Are you looking for a way to contact the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support? Here it is.


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When to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support

When you purchase a game, you are entitled to an after-sales service. In the case of FIFA 17, this is done through the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support.

Game Advisors

They are the bridge of help and adviced between you and Electronic Arts. Their job is to answer all your questions about the game and explain to you what you should do to solve your problems. To specific technical issues, they have the support of the game specialists.

Find out in what situations you should ask for help from a game advisor from the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support:

  • If you purchased FIFA Points but you didn’t received them;
  • If you got any item stuck on your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team trade pile or watch list;
  • If your FIFA 17 players have disappeared;
  • If you have problems loading the game or accessing to your account;
  • If you have any other billing issue, question, problem, complaint or suggestion about the game.

More Support

Game advisors are not the only way to get support for FIFA 17. You should use the other available channels when your account and your game experiencing are not being strongly affected.

Where Should You Go to Ask for Help

To contact a

game advisor you should follow the steps of the next chapter. However, there are other ways to contact the EA Sports FIFA 17 support team and to find relevant information to help you in the understanding of the game. Here they are the main ones:

  • FIFA U Team Website
    If you want to know more about FIFA 17, you need to read our comprehensive guides. They are the best ones!
  • Manual
    If you bought the game, you can check the ‘Need Help?’ chapter of your manual and see the FIFA 17 support channels they have available to you.
  • DVD Cover
    Depending of your region, you may also find a support phone number in the back cover of your FIFA 17 DVD. This support channel is specific for the region where you bought the game.
  • Help EA Website
    This is a website where you can find frequently asked questions about the game.
  • Answers HQ Website
    This is a community initiative to have players share their gaming expertise with other players and that can also be useful to you.
  • Twitter Support
    Need a quick tip? Reach out on Twitter of EA Support.
  • Facebook Support
    Post on Facebook where the on line game experts are available and ready to help you.
  • Chat
    Real time chat with a Game Advisor. It may not work properly if you are not logged on into your Origin account.
  • Phone You can contact the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support team directly by phone. Just call them during operating hours. Here are the most popular FIFA 17 Support Hotlines:  

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