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As per ‘Multi Dimensional Index’,Narendra Modi’s Gujarat is behind even Manipur,Jammu & Kashmir.


Rajan said the two major finance bills – Insurance and
GST Bill – should be put in the front burner.

Noted economist Jagdish Bhagwati says India will not carry any clout if it falls behind in economic growth.

The government chose to cut unproductive subsidies among other spendings rather than increasing taxes in 2013-14 annual budget to overcome the fiscal deficit,said Raghuram G Rajan,Chief Economic Advisor in the Finance Ministry.


Major focus of the Survey this year is likely to be on pushing economic growth.


PM says Moody’s forecast ‘cause for concern’,but should not lead to ‘unwarranted conclusions’

Former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund,Raghuram Rajan,is expected to take over as the chief economic advisor to the finance ministry


‘The world is going through difficult times and it is imminent that GDP would slow down’


“Rupee volatility is a concern. We are watching it,” Basu said.


“Thanks to the strains of coalition politics,there is a slowdown in reforms,” he said.

Citing Turkey,he says,rate changes can lead to counter intuitive outcome.

Pressure on Reserve Bank of India to pause after 11 rate hikes since March 2010.


Kaushik Basu has made a formal pitch to the government for permitting FDI.


Chief Economic Advisor Kaushik Basu has come out with a novel concept for combating corruption.

This,he said,would break the nexus between the two and would act as huge disincentive for those who tend to demand bribe.

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