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Top 10 Ideas for Financial Advisor Client Events

Client events are a good way for a financial advisor to demonstrate appreciation. These events can also be an excellent opportunity to further develop the client-advisor relationship, as well as present the chance of being introduced to some of the client’s friends and associates. To be effective, these events need to be memorable and impress clients.

Client-Appreciation Dinner

A client-appreciation dinner is the most basic form of client-appreciation event. Invite clients out to dinner, and choose a place that is suitable to the client’s preferences. For example, low-key clients probably would not want to have dinner at a four-star, fine-dining restaurant. This is also an excellent opportunity for clients to invite another couple, which is a non-threatening approach to meeting new prospects. These client-appreciation dinners can be done on a small or large scale, depending on the venue. However, if clients are bringing other couples, a larger event may not give the advisor the one-on-one time to make a good impression on the potential prospects.

Wine-Tasting Event

A wine-tasting event is a spin-off of the client-appreciation dinner, and can be done with only wine and hors d'oeuvres or a full-course dinner. Many restaurants offer a wine-tasting package, complete with a sommelier to help host and explain the different wine options. For a more expensive option, wine can be paired with the entire meal, broken down over several different courses.

Estate or Tax Planning Workshop

Workshops are a great way to provide value to clients and to establish relationships with other professionals. Find a local estate planning attorney or accountant willing to present on certain topic to clients. Clients benefit because they are learning about a topic from a professional that usually charges a fee, while the professional benefits from marketing her services to new clients. These events are low cost and can be held in an office conference room.

Market- and Product-Related Workshop

Market- and product-related workshops are hosted by the advisor on topics that are timely and interesting to clients. Product workshops always draw attention because clients hear about new products from friends or media outlets. This gives the advisor the opportunity to explain a particular product without the influences of an outside party. Market workshops are effective because they help educate clients on the fundamentals of investing and other timely issues.

Guest Speaker Workshop

Guest speakers are an excellent way to

prove value to clients. These speakers can discuss any topic that will be both interesting and related to a client’s needs. The topics do not have to be about finance. For example, Alzheimer’s disease has been steadily on the rise, and getting an expert to talk to clients on preventative measures would certainly provide a memorable event.

Art Lessons

Art lessons are relatively inexpensive, but still provide a memorable experience. This type of event involves local art studios hosting art classes to the public, where the instructor teaches the class how to paint the same artwork. Advisors can host a private session with the art instructor and invite several clients. This event is effective because everyone gets involved in the painting and is able to take home their finished work. Be sure to take a group picture of all the clients holding up their paintings and mail them each a copy.

Event Tickets

Event tickets are based on local happenings in the area, such as festivals, concerts or shows. For example, if a few clients are art collectors and there is a special exhibit, providing them with tickets and attending may impress them. Advisors should only invite clients to events they can attend; otherwise, the client-advisor relationship does not improve. Advisors should also interact with these clients on a non-business level to help further the relationship.

Sports Clinic

Sports clinics can be tailored to an advisor’s or client’s hobbies. Golf is popular with the retiree clientele, and a golf clinic makes a great event. Hosting it at a local golf course with an instructor would be well-received, as golfers are always looking to improve.

Client-Specific Event or Party

Client-specific events are tailored around important milestones in a client’s life. Hosting a party in honor of these milestones would greatly increase the client-advisor relationship. For example, if a client is set to retire, the advisor could throw a surprise retirement party, inviting the client’s friends and family. This also gives the advisor opportunity to interact with new prospects.

Charity Event

Hosting a charity event is another great opportunity to invite clients. If an advisor has a favorite charity, inviting clients to participate shows that the advisor is caring about matters outside of business. If a client is actively involved in a charity, helping host or attending an event might also increase the client-advisor relationship.

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