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PC Health Advisor is a all-in-one optimization tool to speed up your computer. Download a free demo right here!

Are you having trouble with your computer? PC Health Advisor is a all-in-one optimization tool that promises to solve all your problems, including better performance, registry errors, malware, startup processes and so on. The full version of PC Health Advisor comes with a price tag of approximately 30 dollars, but we tried the free version on a PC running Windows 7 64-bit.

During the installation, we were able to decide that it should not automatically launch on system start. However, that did not work, because after a restart some kind of update tool opened itself, and it even kept saying that there was no internet connection. After opening PC Health Advisor for the first time, the application will perform a scan to see if you have any problems. Apparently, our old PC

turned out to have 2473 registry errors and even a couple of problems with privacy files and startup processes. We could not fix these problems with the free version. Instead, we performed a scan with the free well-known tool CCleaner. After solving about 1000 registry errors, PC Health Advisor was still able to find more than 2000 errors in the registry. This is very weird, because we have not experienced any problems with the machine.

We also tried some of the other built-in tools, including the Driver Manager. PC Health Advisor found 3 outdated drivers and asked us to update them. Unfortunately, the application gave us the following message on two of the drivers: “There was a an error communicating with the server”.

Overall, we can not recommend PC Health Advisor. It promises to do a lot of things, but it did not perform very well in our test. Keep in mind that we tried the free demo version.

Download PC Health Advisor 3.1.4

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