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Block Island

New England has always been one of America's many summer destinations of choice. Every year couples and families flock to the coast looking for seafood, sun, and a strip of sandy beach to call their own. They stay in bed and breakfasts on Martha's Vineyard, rent houses in Cape Cod, and stretch out on Narragansett beaches. But more and more these past few years there has been a new destination for those embarking on their annual summer exodus; Block Island. Located twelve miles off the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island has recently become one of the most appealing New England summer hotspots. This newfound popularity is due in large part to Block Island's easygoing, low-key atmosphere, which benefits from miles of beautiful beaches, numerous bars and restaurants, and consummate natural beauty. Many people go to Block Island for the weekend, and in this short period of time it is all too easy to miss out on some of the best aspects of the Block Island experience. Hopefully this guide will provide prospective visitors with an idea of how to best spend their weekend on Block Island so that they get as much as possible out of their stay. For a detailed itinerary of what to do while visiting Block Island see3 Days in Block Island.

Understand [ edit ]

Beautiful Block Island.jpg

During the winter months Block Island is the very picture of a sleepy, seaside New England town, with a local population of around nine hundred people. In the summer, the island's population explodes to nearly ten thousand at any given time, and many thousands more on busy weekends or holidays. Now, many people can't strike a balance between "Block Island the quiet hamlet" and "Block Island the wild tourist destination", and quite often their vacations suffer for this. I see too many families getting off the ferry, streaming over to Ballard's for Bud Lite, crab cakes, and three hours in the sand, and then streaming back onto the ferry, perhaps never knowing how much more the island truly has to offer. The real Block Island experience should be a perfect synthesis of lazing on the beach, exploring the town of New Shoreham and some of the incredible natural vistas the island has to offer, and indulging in good food and drink at the best of Block Island's restaurants. As long as you are respectful and manage not to be completely obnoxious, the locals will respond in kind and you will no doubt have an extremely pleasant stay. Although the tourist attractions are definitely a wonderful experience, one of the best aspects of the island is the geography itself. Forty percent of Block Island has been set aside for conservation, and should not be overlooked!

Get In [ edit ]

  • Private Boat is how a decent amount of the people who visit the island travel. They have the options of either docking at the marinas, or anchoring in bothe the Old and New Harbor areas. Block Island Harbors make it very easy for vacationers to keep and maintain their boats over the course of their stay.
  • Block Island Ferry, Phone: +1 401-783-7996 or Phone: +1866-783-7996,[1] Departs year round and daily from the village of Point Judith, in Narragansett. You have the choice of the passenger-only High Speed Ferry (runs only in the summer), which arrives at Block Island in 30 minutes or you could take the "traditional" car ferry which arrives at Block Island within an hour. The Ferry’s schedule of departure is every few hours during the winter and fall or every hour during the summer. Prices are reasonable for each ferry, whether it be round trip or one way and children and senior citizens have a discount. Tickets can either be purchased at the box office (located at the ferry departure) or online where you can have them mailed to you or held at the box office.
  • Block Island Express, Phone: +1-860-444-4624 or +1-401-466-2212, [2] Departs May through September from New London, Connecticut. The ferry terminal in New London is next to the train station, offering easy connections to Shore Line East or Amtrak. Does not take cars.
  • In summer there is also seasonal, passenger-only ferry service between Newport, New London[3] , and Montauk, New York [4]. (These ferries do not take cars.)
  • These rates are for the ferry departing from Galilee to Block Island

Adult One Way $16

Child One Way $8.75

Adult Same Day Round Trip $29.85

Child Same Day Round Trip $13.50

Adult One Way $11.15

Child One Way $5.45

Senior Citizen $10.65

Adult Same Day Round Trip $18.25 Child Same Day Round Trip $8.65

Senior Citizen Same Day Round Trip $17.25

Adult $22.15

Child $10.90

Senior Citizen $21.15

By air [ edit ]

  • Cape Air. Flights begin May 2014 until October 2014, from Providence.
  • Resort Air, Phone: +1 401-466-2000. Flies four passenger twin-engine airplane charters.
  • New England Airlines, 56 Airport Rd, Westerly, Rhode Island, 1-800-243-2460. Scheduled flights between Westerly and Block Island, and single/twin-engine charter flights.

Get around [ edit ]

Most areas of Block Island are easily within walking distance of each other but there are plenty of other modes of transportation. If you prefer to travel by car you can flag down a taxi or rent one on the island. For a nominal charge, the visitor may bring a bicycle on ferries that serve the island. Bicycles and Mopeds are also available to rent and are so convenient that you may rent one as soon as you walk off the ferry. The "traditional" ferry from Point Judith, RI is the only ferry that takes cars. (For rates and schedule,Interstate Navigation [5])

By taxi [ edit ]

  • Carson's Cab, Phone: +1 401-218-9640
  • Block Island Taxi, Phone: +1 401-466-2562
  • Clark's Cab, Phone: +1 401-741-0038
  • Kirby Taxi, Phone: +1 401-466-2928.
  • Mary D's Nightingale, Phone: +1 401-474-6377.
  • McGovern's Cab, Phone: +1 401-862-6087.
  • Monica's Cab, Phone: +1 401-742-0000.
  • Nat's Taxi, Phone: +1 401-477-4744.
  • Sam's Van, Phone: +1 401-741-4567.
  • Kody's Taxi, Phone: +1 401-595-9004.
  • McAloon Taxi, Phone: +1 401-741-1410,
  • Mig's Rig, Phone: +1 401-480-0493,
  • Rondo, Phone: +1 401-466-5550,

Bicycle Moped and Car Rental Services [ edit ]

  • Aldo's Mopeds and Bikes, Phone: +1 401-466-5018
  • Beach Rose Bicycles, Phone: +1 401-466-5925
  • Block Island Bike & Car Rental, Phone: +1 401-466-2297
  • Champlin’s Bike Rentals, Phone: +1 401-466-7777 [6]
  • Island Moped & Bike Rental, Phone: +1 401-466-2700
  • Moped Man Bike Rentals, Water St. Phone: +1 401-466-544
  • Old Harbor Bike Shop, Phone: +1 401-446-2029 [7]
  • Seacrest Inn Bicycle Rentals, Phone: +1 401-466-2882
  • Block Island Ferry, Phone: +1 401-783-4613 or Phone: +1 866-783-7996, [8] will bring your car on deck if you call ahead and make reservations. No reservations are required for bicycles.

See [ edit ][ add listing ]

There are many different sights to see around the island during the summer. All you need is a gorgeous summer day and a pair of walking shoes in order to enjoy all of the sights that Block Island has to offer. Here is a list of some of the main attractions on the island:

  • North Light, Corn Neck Road. Built in 1867, this is the fourth lighthouse built on Sandy Point, where exposure to the elements and shifting sands make keeping a lighthouse in one piece difficult. The lighthouse is on the grounds of the National Wildlife Sanctuary, which contains hiking trails.
  • Mohegan Bluffs, 122 Mohegan Trail. On the southern end of the island, the bluffs rise 200 feet (61 m) above the water and run along the coast for about three miles (5 km). It's the site of the Southeast Lighthouse, built in 1875. This is one of the most visited places on the island due to the gorgeous views and breathtaking sites. Be warned though, to get down to the bluffs on the beach you have to climb down numerous flights of stairs which isn’t the problem, the only problem is coming back up. Be prepared for a good workout.
  • South East Lighthouse, Mohegan Trail Phone: +1 401-466-5009, Stop over and take a visit to one of the most magnificent and beautiful lighthouses in America. The view from the lighthouse looks out from the Mohegan Bluffs which are over 200 feet (61 m) above the water. The sight and atmosphere is so breathtaking it will definitely be worth your while. [9]
  • Lewis-Dickens Farm, Cooneymus Road. Coastal grasslands set on the bluffs above the Atlantic provide habitat for raptors and passerines.
  • Block Island Historical Society, Old Town Road. The Block Island Historical Society houses permanent and special exhibits that chronicle Block Island's past.
  • The Sacred Labyrinth , Corn Neck Road.Tucked away on Corn Neck Road is the Sacred Labyrinth and is unknown to most tourists. Marked only by a series of wooden steps, guests can stop and walk this man-made hidden path. The Labyrinth is an old Mayan tradition and has been brought to life on Block Island. The Labyrinth is a large, round, circular path that one walks in silence while wishing for something. Once the person gets to the middle, they are supposed to leave a tiny gift (anything will do), and the wish is supposed to come true. The Labyrinth is a fun attraction that not many tourists know about. edit
  • Dories Cove , Dories Cove Road ( Off of West Side Road ).Dories Cove is a beautiful beach tucked away in a cove. It is a beautiful place to watch the sunset or have a fire on the beach. It can be a little hard to access because Dories Cove Road is dirt and there is little parking at the entrance to the cove. If you are up for the walk it is a great place to relax and soak in the island away from all the tourists. edit
  • The 1661 Inn Animal Farm, Spring Street. A unique chance to see exotic animals at this free personal zoo featuring camels, lemurs, kangaroos, tortoise, zebu and much more including an aviary. open day light hours, year round.

Do [ edit ][ add listing ]

Although Block Island mainly consists of 17 miles (27 km) of beachy shore there is still plenty to do:

  • Beaches If you are looking for a place to spend some quality time at the beach Block Island is ideal. The seashore is everywhere. The Island encompasses 17 miles (27 km) of beaches and offers many choices. Within walking distance of the ferry landing is three-mile Crescent Beach, which is divided into three parts: the Fredrick J. Benson Beach, Scotch Beach, and Mansion Beach which is positioned beneath cliffs and the stone walls of a vanished mansion. The beach has lifeguards and restrooms. Food is available from nearby Old Harbor restaurants and concessions. Parking and beach admission are free.
  • Bicycle in either north or south direction on quiet roads. Bring your bicycle on the ferry or rent one from any of the local shops. The northern part is mostly flat with easy access to the beaches. The southern part has more rolling hills between farm land and along the cliffs. [10]
  • Block Island Parasail & Watersports Old Harbor Dock, Phone: +1 401- 864-2474, Provides an abundance of fun and diverse watersport activities such as banana boat rides, parasailing, jetboat rentals, sunset cruises and island tours. [11]
  • Boating Charter boats are available for deep-sea fishing or you can simply cast your line in the surf. The 365 fresh water ponds are home to bass, perch, and pickerel. You can snorkel, scuba dive, kayak, or parasail.
  • Block Island Fishing Charters, LLC New Harbor, Phone: +1 401- 787-2321 or 466-5944, Inshore and offshore trips for experienced anglers and newcomers alike. Target striped bass, blues, fluke & gamefish with licensed, professional captain. Nighttime trophy bass trips and island tours also offered. [12]
  • Children's activities include a story hour at the library, Nature Conservancy hikes, and a petting zoo.
  • Hiking on The Greenway. More than 40 % of Block Island is protected as open space. Both the Nature Conservancy and the Block Island Conservancy have been instrumental in these preservation efforts. As a result, Block Island retains its rural and undeveloped character. Hikers can enjoy twenty-five miles (40 km) of trails through grassy meadows, stone walls, inland moors and Mohegan Bluffs. The main Greenway trail runs from the Great Salt Pond south to Rodmans's Hollow and the south shore. A second trail system starts on Payne Rd. west to Fresh Pond and then connects to the Rodman's Hollow trails. The third major trail system is Clay Head Trail, starting in the north end of the island off Sachem Pond and following the bluffs of the north-east coast. In the center of the trail are the Mazes, a series of trails through woods and brush. The Clay Head Trail can be accessed at three points on Corn Neck Rd. A map of the trails is available from the Nature Conservancy and can be bought in many island stores.
  • Bird Watching. Block Island is a hotspot during Spring and Fall migration as it is on the Eastern flyway. During the breeding season, Northern Harrier and Merlin patrol the skies while Eastern Towhee and Gray Catbird are common in the thickets.
  • Rustic Rides Farm.West Side Road,Phone: +1 401-466-5060,Provides guided horseback rides on the beach, pony rides for children, and carriage rides for weddings and other special events.
  • Block Island Sport Fishing , Old Harbor,☎401-487-2425, [13].Fishing charters from Old Harbor, Block Island for striped bass tuna, and sharks on a safe and fast diesel powered Ridgeway express. Block Island's best charter boat! edit
  • The Empire Theatre The Empire theatre may be the best and worst place to see a movie, because it is one of the oldest in all of Rhode Island. The theatre is one screen and it shows two films a night, on days that it is raining it will show its “Rainy Day Matinee”. If you are going to the Empire Theatre for a strictly viewing experience than you are going for the wrong reasons. The Empire Theatre is like stepping into a movie theatre time machine, before there was stadium seating and massive screens. Instead the seats are on a flat surface and the screen rolls down over a stage right after the musical entertainment is over, which consists of man or woman playing the piano as viewers file in. Throughout the entire film you really get that “Old School” theatre feel as you watch. It is strongly recommended that you do get there early enough to get a good seat, because the viewing from some areas is pretty poor, but overall the experience is worth it, especially to true theatre buffs.
  • Ball O'Brien Park , West Side Road, Block Island, RI 02807 ( In-between the OAR and Champlins Marina ).A playground that welcomes visitors, and offers a basketball court, tennis courts, a swing set, slide, jungle gym, and plenty of grass for kids to run around on and for families to enjoy shady picnics. edit
  • Block Island Saturday Farmers Market , Negus Park 100 Ocean Ave. Block Island, RI.9:00AM-11:30AM .Occurring from June 9th to the 6th of October, every Saturday there is a farmers market where customers may buy fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other natural foods which may be in season. edit
  • New England Airlines , Block Island State Airport,☎401-466-5881, [14].8am-6pm .Scenic flights that will let you see the amazing beauty of Block Island and surrounding areas from the perfect vantage point! Block Island's only resident airline since 1970. Enjoy the amenities of Block Island sooner, with a 12 minute flight from Westerly, RI. Year round service. edit

Buy [ edit ][ add listing ]

Lucky for anyone with a love of shopping, Block Island is filled with quaint little gift shops:

  • Chapel Sweets, Chapel Street at Weldons Way. Chapel Sweets is a candy store that specializes in fudge and taffy.
  • Island Bound Book Store, Water Street. Featuring many books of Block Island for adults and children.
  • Star Department Store, Water Street. This old fashioned general store has everything any traveler could want. Clothing, candy, and jewelry; this store is a fun filled stop for many visitors to the island.
  • 234 Water Gallery and Gift, [15], 234 Water Street-South end of Water Street near the Statue of Rebecca in the Figurehead Building. An award-winning Gallery and Gift shop located in downtown Block Island on Water Street, minutes from the Block Island Ferry. 234 Water has a unique collection of handmade works by American Artists,eclectic Home Accessories and Gifts and fun Block Island inspired gifts for the whole family.
  • Full Moon Tide , 459 Chapel Street ( on Chapel Street, across from ferry lot ),☎401-466-2422, [16].10:00-10:00 .Full Moon Tide offers an eclectic combination of housewares, giftware, sportswear, jewelry handmade soaps and menswear. Don't miss the unique array of Block Island photographs and funky accessories. reasonable. edit
  • islandog , 104 Water Street ( nearby the statue of Rebecca ),☎401-466-5666, [17].10:00-6:00 .Gifts for pets and their humans! Visit this one of a kind Island shop for unique items for pets and fun pet-themed gifts for humans.Lines offered include Taxi's dog bakery,planet dog,Stephen Huneck items and so much more!Our Block Island collars and leashes are a favorite. Reasonable .  edit
  • Strings & Things , 104 Water Street ( nearby Rebecca ),☎401-466-5666, [18].10:00-10;00 .Strings and Things has long been an Island favorite boasting "really cool stuff" Check out our selection of clay-dyed hemp and washable linen clothing along with sterling silver, hemp and sea glass jewelry Also offering unusual and ethnic giftware,bags and accessories! Reasonable as always .  edit
  • BI T's , Water Street,☎401-466-5977.Great tourist shop to buy BI and RI memorabilia. edit
  • B-Eyes Sunglass Shop , Water Street,☎401-466-5478.Be prepared for the sun! Great sunglass shop with designer and fashion sunglasses. edit
  • The Bird's Nest , Dodge Street,☎401-466-5080.This is a great store to find gifts for others! The store specializes in things for the home, from curtians to specialty dinnerware. edit
  • Block Island Trading Co. , Water Street @ National Hotel,☎401-859-1524.This store has items from around the world with a great variety of unique jewlery from shell rings to feather earings. edit
  • Bonnie and Clyde , Water Street,☎401-466-8895.This woman's boutique is the perfect place to buy an island sundress or indulge in the latest fashion trends. edit
  • Diamond Blue Surf Shop , Corner of Corn Neck Road and Dodge,☎401-466-3145.The place on the island to get all of your surf apparel. Diamond Blue has styles from, Roxy, Billabong, along with gear for any water sport. edit
  • Beachcomber , Dodge Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-2777.Private company, sells woman's clothing. edit
  • Block Island Blankets ,☎401-466-5151.This shop makes and sells a great variety of high quality baby blankets. edit
  • Block Island Fishworks , Ocean Avenue, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-742-3992, [19].The Block Island Headquarters for Fly Fishing, Light Tackle, and all of your fishing needs. The only full service tackle shop that offers local, knowledgeable Charter Captains & Guides. IGFA certified, USCG Licensed, and insured. edit
  • Block Island Health & General Store , High Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-5825.Called 'the Pharmacy' by many, this store stocks goods you'd expect to find in a mainland pharmacy (except prescriptions): snacks and beverages, beach supplies, sundries, and a huge selection of video/dvd rentals. Greeting cards and art supplies, too. Plus vitamins, cosmetics, small appliances, batteries, film, cameras, flashlights, etc. The store is also a R.I. lottery agent and offers Western Union, fax services, and an ATM. edit
  • Block Island Sport Shop , Water Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-5001.The island's source for sporting goods. You won't be disappointed. Owner-manager has decades of experience. edit
  • Building Blocks , Water Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-8697.A great toy store on Block Island, featuring favorite brands like Lego, Melissa & Doug, Playmobil, in addition to exciting specialty toys. edit
  • Emerald Isle Traders , Water Street Behind Building

    Blocks, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-5069.This is your Block Island stop for unique Irish and Celtic themed gifts imported from Ireland. edit

  • Glass Onion , Water Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-5161.The antique facade of this landmark store has inspired artists and photographers for decades. Boutique of the unique! edit
  • Golddiggers Jewelry , Chapel Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-2611.Unique,affordable jewelry,'Best of Rhode Island' winner~ 2009 "Americas Best Jeweler",Chosen "One of the 'Ten great things not to miss on Block Island'! edit
  • Jennifer's Jewelry , Water Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎888-466-7944.After 15 years in the cute little shop on Dodge Street, jeweler Jennifer Milner opened a bigger shop below the Harborside Inn along Water Street. edit
  • Lazy Fish , Dodge Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-2990.A wonderful old storefront on Dodge Street is home to one of the few island antique stores. edit
  • Sandpiper , Water Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-2722.On the first floor of the Seaside Marketplace, the Sandpiper offers an eclectic selection of gifts and clothing, featuring Fresh Produce Sportswear. edit
  • WaterColors , Dodge Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-2538.This inviting destination is known for its large selection of jewelry, ranging from real sea glass to hand-wrought sterling with semi-precious stones. edit
  • Wave , Water Street, Block Island, RI 02807,☎401-466-8822.This resort shop features the best quality clothing, sportswear, hats and accessories at prices that match and often beat mainland pricing. edit

Eat [ edit ][ add listing ]

Low-Range [ edit ]

  • Papa Pizzeria , Corn Neck Road,☎401-466-9939.The only delivery on the island! Papa Pizzeria serves up a wide variety of pizza's, subs, salads, and appetizers. edit
  • Juice and Java , Dodge Street,☎401-466-5220.This funky little coffee shop brews up special blends from around the world. It also serves up breakfast and lunch with some organic and healthy options. edit
  • Froozies Juice Bar and Cafe , Dodge Street,☎401-466-2230.Serving up fresh juice blends and a variety of food, Froozies is a great place to stop for a snack or have lunch. edit
  • Ice Cream Place , Weldon's Way ( Directly Behind Water Street ),☎401-466-2145.Get ready for homemade ice cream! This place has a variety of mouth watering flavors and creations, including their famous Turtle Sundaie. edit
  • Three Sisters , Corn Neck Road,☎401-466-9661.Three Sisters specializes in sandwiches. All of their ingredients are fresh and organic. They are only open until 3PM so come early for lunch. It is also a great place to grab sandwiches before heading to the beach. edit
  • Old Post Office Bagel Shop , Corn Neck Road,☎401-466-5959.Fresh bagels are made and served daily. The shop also offers breakfast items like bacon, egg, and cheese, and lunch options like a turkey club on a bagel. yum. edit

Mid-range [ edit ]

  • Finn's Seafood, 212 Water Street, +1 401-466-2473, [20]. 11:30AM-9:30PM. Located in the Old Harbor ferry parking lot. Best lobster roll on the island.
  • Eli's, 456 Chapel Street, +1 401-466-5230, [21]. May-Dec. 5:30PM-10PM. Features local seafood, pasta dishes, and grilled items. Old-fashioned look. $16-$28.
  • Rebecca's Seafood, Water Street, +1 401-466-5411, May through October, 7AM-2AM. Serving breakfast, lunch dinner and a special late night menu. Fresh local fish, (specials tuna + mahi-mahi when in season) from local fisherman, landlovers menu chowder, clam cakes, salads, and burgers. Eat in or outside. $4-$12 "Best prices on the Island" Also visit Rebecca's on the Beach,When going to Block Island most vacationers head straight for the Fred Benson Town Beach, after hours of swimming, tanning, and playing on the beach vacationers often get pretty hungry and there is no better place to grab a burger and fries than Rebecca’s on the beach. Not only are the burgers delicious, but buying a burger and fries at Rebecca’s may be the best value on the entire island. Along with burgers and fries many other great foods are available as well including hot dogs, grilled tuna, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, ice cream and much more.
  • The Oar, 221 Jobs Hill Rd., +1 401-466-8820. May through October, 8AM-1AM. Buffet breakfast and full-service lunch and dinner, including grilled swordfish, sirloin, fried chicken, nachos, lobster rolls, and calamari. $8.25-$25.
  • Ballard's, 42 Water St., +1 401-466-2231, [22]. 11:30AM-11PM. Menu has something for everyone, including a kids menu. Several bars and frequent live bands. $8.25-$23.
  • The Beachhead, Corn Neck Road., +1 401-466-2249, [23]. Contains a very diverse menu from cheeseburgers to seafood entrees.
  • Harbor Grill, Water Street., +1 401-466-2828, [24]. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner overlooking Old Harbor. Affordable wine list, nightly salad bar, fresh seafood, convenient location.
  • Mexican on the Deck, Corn Neck Road., Phone: +1 401-466-5855, [25]. Not a fan of seafood? No worries, Mexican on the Deck serves tacos, nachos, wings, burritos and much more!
  • Mohegan Cafe & Brewery, Water Street., Phone: +1 401-4665-5911, [26]. 11:30AM-9PM. House brewed beer in a family atmosphere. Menu includes wide range of burgers, vegetarian options, Tex-Mex and Asian options. Enjoy A/C in the heart of Old Harbor.
  • The Oar, New Harbor, Phone: +1 401-466-8820, [27]. Lunch & Dinner at the Island Favorite is always an event! The waterfront restaurant has a great view, great sushi, lobster rolls, burgers & more.
  • Narragansett Inn, New Harbor: +1 401-466-2626 [28]. Breakfast & Dinner at this delightful old Victorian Hotel is always a treat. Enjoy the waterfront location!

Splurge [ edit ]

  • Atlantic Inn Restaurant, High Street, +1 401-466-5883. Serves a four course candle-lit dinner. The Atlantic Inn is a favorite for many celebrities.
  • Hotel Manisses, 1 Spring Street, +1 [29]. Contains an a la carte menu featuring fresh seafood, beef & poultry,succulent appetizers & mouth watering homemade desserts.
  • Spring House Hotel, 52 Spring St., +1 401-466-5844. Serves contemporary cuisine and is well known to host many weddings.
  • Winfield's, Corn Neck Road,+1 401-466-5844, [30]. Contains a menu influenced by French, Italian, American and Asian cuisines.

Drink [ edit ][ add listing ]

  • Captain Nick’s , 69 Ocean Ave, 401-466-5670. Pool, large dance floor, dollar beers and drink specials, live music Tu-Su.
  • Club Soda, Connecticut Ave, below the Highview Inn. 401-466-5397. Where the locals hang out. Pub food year round, open mic night, karaoke, and unique island ambiance.
  • Albion Pub (next to Nick's), 3 Ocean Ave, 401-466-9990. Features Guinness and Bass on tap as well as over 40 other varieties of beer. Full liquor bar, large screen TV, jukebox and pool table, along with other bar games.
  • The Spring House, 902 Spring St, 401-466-5844. Thursday night is Martini Night! Dress up and drink cheap martinis. Insider tip: Order them on the rocks. Same price, more alcohol, less spillage/glass breaking.
  • McGovern's Yellow Kittens Tavern (or "Kittens"), Corn Neck Rd, 401-466-5855. Sunday night is reggae night! There's a cover, but they always reel in really good live reggae artists. Darts, pool, outside deck, dreadlocks.
  • The Oar, West Side Road, 401-466-8820. Enjoy the awesome sunset hour! Check out the ceiling inside.
  • Trader Vic's (at Champlin's Resort and Marina), end of the dock, New Harbor, 401-466-2641. Go get a banana mudslide and mingle with the yacht owners. Make sure to go early before the milk sours, Now. Not your scene? Go get a banana mudslide, and head over to the back of the movie theatre where staff housing is located and play some beer pong. (After the mudslide.)
  • Ballards's Inn and Marina, 42 Water Street, 401-466-2231. Cocktail Volleyball. Everyday on the beach. Costumed theme parties inside at night (TBA). Marina tourist boat-after-parties at dawn.When you get off the Block Island Ferry and you are wondering "where the party is" look no further than Ballard’s Inn which is located on your left when getting off the ferry. Ballard's food selections include burgers, steaks, lobsters, steamers and calamari.

Ballard’s is also known for the exciting events they hold during the summer. Many musicians and entertainers go to perform at there and when they do the place really gets packed. Ballard’s also host weddings so people who are looking for a wedding by the beach are almost always pleased when they go to Ballard’s for that special night that they want to remember. Above all else Ballard’s is just a fun place to enjoy your day on the beach. You can swim, tan, play volleyball and just relax. Ballard’s gives you a Island getaway feel, when its just a $15 ferry ticket away.

  • Dump Beach, end of West Beach Road. The site of all after parties (1AM - ?). Bonfire, beer, guitars.

Sleep [ edit ][ add listing ]

  • 1661 Inn, Spring St., Phone: +1 401-466-2421 or Toll Free: +1 800-626-4773, email:, [31]. 45 rooms. This boutique inn is known for their friendly hosts and their fabulous champagne buffet breakfast. 1661 ensures a relaxing and comfortable stay. $$$$
  • Atlantic Inn, High St., +1 401-466-5883 or +1 800-224-7422, Fax: +1 401-466-5678, [32]. Is within walking distance from Old Harbor. The Atlantic Inn is a perfect place to lodge if you're desiring peace and quiet, scenic views and delectable food. 20 rooms, 1 suite. $$$
  • Ballards Resort, 42 Water St., Summer: +1 401-466-2231, Winter: +1 401-334-1997, [33].If you are yearning for excitement on Block Island Ballards is the place to stay. Ballards is in the center of it all, just feet from the ocean, and a very short walk from the Island’s shops, restaurants, pubs and ferry boats. Not only is it a great place for those looking to let loose but it is also a wonderful place to lodge for a family vacation. Ballards is very child friendly by comprising an arcade, a toy shop, and lifeguards on the beach. $$
  • The Inn at Block Island, 474 Old Town Rd +1 877-324-4667 / Fax: +1 401-466-5880,[34]. The Inn at Block Island is known for its warmth and hospitality, the Inn is a century old Colonial situated on a knoll in Old Harbor. It was built in 1900 for a sea captain and his family and converted to a B&B in the 1980’s. The Inn offers nine rooms and a cottage, all with private baths, air conditioning, some with private entrances and ocean views. Located on the left just past Chapel Street on Old Town Road. It is convenient to both Old Harbor and New Harbor, the airport, town, beach and ferry. $$$
  • Barrington Inn, Beach Ave.,+1 877-324-4667 / Fax: +1 401-466-5880,[35]. The Barrington Inn is on a hilltop overlooking the New Harbor area. The mood is quiet and welcoming. The Inn offers six rooms and two apartments with private baths, decks and ocean views. The Inn is in walking distance to the town, beach and ferry. The Barrington Inn is situated on the corner of Beach and Ocean Avenue. It is convenient to both Old Harbor and New Harbor, the airport, town, beach and ferry. 6 rooms, 2 apartments. $$$
  • Jane Marie Cottage, 209 Old Town Road +1 877-324-4667 / Fax: +1 401-466-5880,[36]. The Jane Marie Cottage is a seven bedroom home tucked away in quiet setting off Old Town Road. It can comfortably accommodate up to eighteen people. It is perfect for a family in town for that special Block Island wedding or family gathering. The cottage is rented by the week during the summer months from June to September and by the night September to May. Open floor plan with comfortable furniture and bedding. This is a pet free and smoke free home. $$$
  • The Bellevue House Inc, +1401-466-2912. The décor is charismatic, the location is idyllic, and the views are pleasant. The location is more private by being set on a hill a little out of town which is ideal if you are looking to stay away from commotion. However, it is in easy walking distance to all attractions. Bed and Breakfast. $$$.
  • Blue Dory Inn, 61 Dodge St., +1 401-466-2254 or +1 800-992-7290,[37]. 12 rooms, 4 cottages, 3 suites. Beautiful Victorian style within a few feet of the sea. Also, has been newly renovated and has also been said to be Block Island's most romantic Bed and Breakfast! $$$.
  • The Island Home, +1401-466-5944 [38] 10-Room Victorian B&B with a relaxed atmosphere. Set on a hill, conveniently located between the center of town and New Harbor, with panoramic views of the harbor, ocean and surrounding countryside. The warm & comfortable setting, with inviting rooms, cozy nooks and sprawling lawns make the inn ideal for a quiet retreat or family getaway. A short walk to town, beaches and marinas. Private Baths $$$.
  • The Narragansett Inn, New Harbor, +1401-466-2626 [39] Beautiful old Victorian Hotel located right on the water. Basic & affordable accommodations with shared bath and private bath options.
  • The National, Water Street., +1 401-466-2901, [40] The National is a landmark of Block Island it is in the heart of the historic district and is just minutes from the restaurants, beaches, shops and ferries. The rooms overlook the docks and enclose a very warming New England atmosphere. $$$.
  • New Shoreham House Inn, Water Street., +1 401-466-5504, [41] The New Shoreham House Inn is a shared bath inn with competitive prices located directly across the street from the Old Harbor Ferry Landing. Easy walking to beaches, shops and restaurants. Deck overlooks town and Old Harbor. $$.
  • Old Bakery Guest House, Water Street., +1 800-825-6254, [] The Old Bakery is on Water Street in the historic district of Old Harbor. This quaint seaside guest house has two suites. The ocean view two bedroom suite and the island view two bedroom suite. Both have access to a large ocean view deck. The Old Bakery is nicely furnished with original hardwood floors and is pet friendly. For your pet there will be an additional charge of $50 per night not to exceed $150 for your stay. 4 guests maximum per suite. $$$$
  • Old Town Inn, 508 Old Town Rd, +1401-466-5958, [42] . Has a charm of a Bed and Breakfast with the feel of an Inn. Located out of town and just down the road from the airport, which is very convenient. $$$.
  • The Spring House Hotel, 52 Spring St., +1 800-234-9263 or +1 466-5844, [43]. The Spring House Hotel is the most elegantly recognized historic landmark on Block Island. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and Block Island foothills. All rooms have queen beds and full service telephones. A complimentary continental breakfast is served each morning. The Spring House Hotel is preferred by many famous celebrities. 50 rooms. $$$$
  • Harborside Inn, Water Street., +1 800-825-6254 or +1 466-5504, [44]. This 36 room historic inn is located across the street from the ferry landing in Old Harbor. The Harborside Inn offers quaint seaside charm with the convenient location in the center of town. Wireless internet, luggage storage also available for guests. $$$
  • Island Manor Resort, 215 Chapel St., +1 401-466-5400. Great place to stay for a family vacation. It is in walking distance to Captain Nick’s and all of the lovely shops.
  • Water Street Inn, 213 Water Street., +1 401-466-2605 or +1 800-825-6254, [45]. The Water Street Inn offers 10 rooms all with private bathrooms, ceiling fans and small refrigerator. Some rooms offer views of the ocean while others include A/C. Recently renovated and located in the historic district. Walk to beaches, shops and restaurants. $$$
  • Many Block Island homes are offered as weekly rentals during the summer months.
  • Block Island Chamber of Commerce, Water Street., +1800-383-2474 We can assist you with lodging availability. Office has staff who are ready to help plan your visit. Brochures, maps, lockers, ATM and restrooms available at the Old Harbor Ferry landing Chamber Office. [46]
  • Block Island Holidays, +1 800-905-0590, [47]. Country homes, cottages, and condos available for summer rentals. Check out the website or call to learn more about summer rentals, group packages, and tours!
  • Block Island Reservations & Real Estate, +1 800-825-6254, [48]. Featuring hotel rooms, cottages, suites and apartments. Nightly and weekly rentals available. Midweek spring & fall "Stay, Dine & Bike" package available for 2 guests starting at $299.
  • Suite Dreams Block Island, [49] 1 401.466.8600, Water Street, The Figurehead Building. Luxurious waterfront accommodation with a convenient in-town location. Tastefully appointed with furnishings from our unique Gift and Gallery-234 Water. Suite Dreams is just minutes from the ferry terminal at Old Harbor and within walking distance of beaches, bike rentals, boating and fishing activities, restaurants and wedding facilities. Let Suite Dreams enhance your vacation 'on the Block' by offering the following: friendly check-in, private bath, air-conditioning, exceptional waterviews, relaxing covered deck, refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, Queen size Tommy Bahama bed, Flat Panel LCD TV w/150 Satellite channels, AM/FM/CD player, and wireless DSL access.
  • The Sea Breeze Inn , 71 Spring Street ( crest of Spring Street ),☎401 466-2275, [50]. checkin:2PM ; checkout:11AM .Lovely perennial gardens, ocean views and authentic island charm. There are a total of 10 rooms, outdoor sitting areas, a hammock, and kayak. Quietly situated within a short walk from town, restaurants, and ferries in Old Harbor. Fresh continental breakfast included. $$-$$$ .  edit
  • The Sullivan House, Corn Neck Road, (401) 466-5020 email: website: Boutique inn with stunning views, historic elegance and modern comfort. Private location, on Crescent Beach and within walking distance to town. Elegance, natural beauty and fine cuisine. $$$

Stay Safe [ edit ]

Block Island is by and large a very safe locale, but as with any place there are certain precautions you can and should take to stay out of harm's way. Far and away the most common causes of injury on Block Island are careless bicycle and moped riders. If you plan on renting bikes or mopeds, make sure that you wear your helmets, follow the rules of the road, and absolutely do not drink while operating them. Otherwise, just be aware that other vacationers might not follow these guidelines, and stay alert when on main roads. When on the beach it's wise to wear sunscreen and exercise care when swimming; Block Island's waters are usually calm, but riptides are not unheard of and swimmers have been known to come across the occasional jellyfish. While there is a limited amount of crime that occurs on Block Island, there are still precautions you should take in order to keep you, your friends and your family safe. Be aware that because Block Island is still a tourist attraction, there are some instances of drunken disorderly conduct, minor bar fights and some petty theft. This is restricted almost entirely to the late night bar scene and major holidays. Other than that though, Block Island is incredibly safe for your family and friends.

Most travel to Block Island through maritime means. Another important matter is boating safety. Folks should, of course, always have U.S. coastguard approved personal flotation devices, both on shore and off shore vests, on their vessels. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher on board your vessel in case of emergency fire. Children must always wear fitting personal flotation devices when on the water. Vessels must be registered and have a hull ID. Remember to use caution and always follow the navigation rules as per the handbook of Rhode Island Boating Laws & Responsibilities[[51]]. Be aware of possible weather emergencies too.

Get Out [ edit ]

There are two ferry services for Block Island that go to and from Point Judith every day of the week and throughout the year, the high-speed ferry and the traditional ferry. Both ferries allow for roll-on/roll-off. There is also a ferry that travels to Newport and New London, CT every Monday through Sunday but only operates between the dates July 1st and September 6th. For more information see the heading in section. New England Airlines provides year 'round scheduled flights to/from Westerly, RI as well as single and twin engine charter service. (800-243-2460)

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