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Apple Jobs: Apple at Home Advisor -


Apple is one of the leading companies in electronics and digital technology.

The company sports a brand that’s known in every continent and country in the world.

With a reach like that, it is only natural that they’d hire associates from anywhere in the globe to curate the needs of their large customer database.

Are you are looking for full time or part time jobs at home?

Are you someone who loves all about technology and would like to assist others with your techy know-how?

Then, the Apple at home Advisor or Manager position might be the perfect fit for you.

Stick with the article and I will give you the full details for these work at home job positions as part of our Genuine Work at Home Jobs research.

 Apple at Home Advisor Review

Job Description

As a home based advisor, your primary role would be to provide apple’s customers with answers to questions regarding their products and services.

This is a telecommuting job oriented in customer service where you are expected to have helpful conversations with the Apple customers on the phone or via chat.

Note that, you will be an active part of AppleCare, which stands for the Apple customer service department.

That said, they will expect you to extend your support as the company’s human connection. Your goal would be to save the customer’s day so they can enjoy their Apple experience to the fullest.

Tasks & Schedules

They offer the at home Advisor position full-time or part-time.

Your daily tasks would involve:

  • problem investigation
  • troubleshooting
  • technical advice on Apple products, accessories & services, both harware and software

They would expect you to work Apple customer support hours as per normal. The work shift schedule varies and depends on their business needs.

However, do know you can negotiate a standard schedule with your supervisor team which better fits your current lifestyle (e.g. if you are a mum or a student).

That said, they may ask you to work extra hours during holidays, peak business hours and during your training.

Video Overview

General Requirements

Even though, you’d be operating from the comfort of your own space, Apple considers their home located advisors as an integral part of their mission and image.

Which means, this is no casual role but a rather professional one which requires you to be:

  • a good listener
  • a problem solver
  • a multi-tasker in multiple systems and app operations
  • a natural helper
  • constantly curious & passionate
  • well informed on products & services
  • focused & disciplined
  • someone who can handle working from home without in-person supervision

Advisor Home Office Requirements

Note that, Apple requires you to utilise a quiet room that is free of any distractions for your home office.

You will be working with your door shut to avoid ambient noises.

Also, they require:

  • a spacious desk
  • ergonomical chair
  • Reliable Internet connection –  with minimum capacity 5mbps/sec download & 1mbps/sec upload


Both part time and full time Apple at home Advisors enjoy an array of employee benefits:

  • Internet connection reimbursement
  • Your own Advisor iMac & headset for your home office
  • Discounts on apple products
  • Career development
  • Holiday coverage
  • Paid time away

Apple offers competitive salaries which will be discussed during the recruitment procedure.

Apple at home Advisor Training

The training and, thus, work will take place in your home office via their virtual (online) platform. The program will be conducted by a live Apple instructor.

Note that, It will typically take about up to seven weeks and the topics will include:

  • Apple product lessons
  • advanced troubleshooting
  • work specific systems and processes.

Most importantly, they will instruct you in Apple’s unique approach to customer support.

Apple Home Advisor Job Applications

If you are interested in applying for this position, you can do so by visiting their available jobs search platform.

When you arrive at the site follow these steps:

1. Search

First, you want to place the job keyword of choice, which, in our case is “at home advisor”.

In return, you come up with the currently available job results.

As you can see, the Jobs at Apple platform offers a variety of filters that you can use to narrow or refine your search even further by:

  • Location
  • Language skill
  • Business Line
  • Job Function

Also, you can mix different filters together.  This way, you come up with the best possible results for your unique case.

2. Location

Secondly, you will be redirected to the

Job Application location option where you can choose the one that’s closer to you for your operations with AppleCare Support.

3. Job Summary

Next, you click on a location for the position of choice.

A window opens up with a brief summary of its function. It provides you with the specific job number that you can use later on your job cart.

In addition, there is more information about qualifications & requirements.

Note that, for the sake of this example we used Seattle, US for our location. The position is worldwide and you can specify the search as per your own location for more convenience.

4. Sign in

Next, you need to use your Unique Apple ID for all services to sign in to your account or create one from scratch for the purpose of the application.

5. Submit your Resume

After that, you sign in the Apple Jobs platform.

Then, you can either create a profile where you’d be able to add different jobs to your favorites, or, place it directly to your job cart for evaluation.

This concludes this application process.

Who is Apple at Home Advisor for

I would recommend this work at home position for driven individuals.

People who fully understand the concept of working from their own space while maintaining their professionalism.

This job is ideal for:

  • Undergrad and grad students
  • Internship & Co-Op searchers
  • Stay at home mums and dads
  • Military veterans
  • Handicapped individuals
  • People with customer service & support experience


Here are the key qualifications they are looking for:

Advanced Apple Advisor Positions

Apple extends this department with 2 more advanced positions for those more qualified.

1. Apple At Home Team Manager

This individual will be supervising, co-ordinating and promoting the development of At home Advisors.


  • Friendly
  • Customer focus
  • Self-motivation


  • Advisors perfomance management
  • Frequent online team meetings
  • Online Coaching sessions

2. Apple At Home Area Manager

This is the ultimate position in the home advisor ladder. This person assumes the role of appointed supervisor and co-ordinator to a set of team managers in a certain area.



  • Team manager performance management
  • business-level consultations & coaching
  • results deliver as per business requirements

*You can request more information on locations, qualifications and apply for both advanced advisor jobs by following the same process as explained above.


Worldwide Application acceptance – They consider all applications for review regardless of ethnicity, color, social standing and situation.

Commute expenses – Since you will be working from home you naturally cut down on transport expenses like gas and ticket fees.

Apple provided equipment – One of the coolest perks is that you get your very own free iMac, headset and all kinds of apps & software for your Advisor work.

Competitive Benefits – Their benefits package is as robust as it gets

Growth – You receive training and work with elite professionals in the industry. The business relationships alone are a tell tale sign for your personal career development

Competitive Pay – Most candidates can negotiate around $17.50$17.70 per hour


Scrutinous Interview – Procedures – Obviously, Apple is looking for quality individuals with passion, ambition and character for this job.

Therefore, it is only natural they will have you undergo a series of rigorous screenings with real time customer support tests to determine your skill.

Also, know that they receive a large volume of applications to review per assigned country branch, so, the whole process can easily take from 3 weeks up to 2 months.

However, If you can deal with the timeframe it can be really rewarding.

Strict iMac & MacOs use – If you are a Windows person, you have to be willing to work on your Macintosh savviness as this is strictly the environment you will be operating with for obvious reasons.


Enquiries at:


Corporate Address


1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 996–1010

What do you think about the  Apple at home Advisor position?

Do you have an experience you would like to share?

Feel free to use the comments section below or contact us with your questions in the respective entry in the footer section.

Also, we encourage you to visit our website’s contents for more ways to make money online from home.

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