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Automation Marketing for Financial Advisors


  • How to leverage automation technology to nurture every lead you generate
  • How to increase the value of each client by automating cross-sell strategies
  • Why marketing automation is the fastest way to scale your production
  • How to actually convert visitors into leads and appointments
  • How to create a compelling prospect experience to increase conversion


FREE 16 Page PDF reveals the automation strategies being used by today’s top advisors

Discover The Power of Marketing Automation

  • For so long we were banging our head against the wall talking to prospects at the wrong end of the sales process.  We’d give a five minute explanation of our program and invariably get the old ‘Well, can you send me something?’  Thanks to Brandon’s process, we let the videos do all the talking and only talk to prospects when they want to talk to us. What a difference!  Thank you Brandon!

  • I had a millionaire opt in for an appointment through AutomatedAdvisor. He was purely organic from AutomatedAdvisor, and had never attended a seminar. With AutomatedAdvisor, we saw before the appointment he was all over the free info on our site. After I gave him my book he was all mine.

  • I have been teaching FMT classes at the local high school. I taught the first of two classes on Thursday evening–the second class is slated for this Thursday. Because I am an AutomatedAdvisor client, I know who has been on my website and where they have been clicking around. I just got an email stating that one of my prospects from the first class just booked an appointment with me right on my site…before they have even attended the second class! Pretty awesome in my opinion!

  • [A client] had originally registered for a SS workshop 2 years ago & had to cancel last minute. We have ‘dripped’ on them with Friday newsletter & invites to upcoming events and lo and behold the timing is apparently right at last!! Doug as you know, we have had several, more than several of these occurrences and when the timing was right they have come to us and become clients. Thank you Automated Advisor team. Your system works and has helped us grow!

  • We recently started using Automated

    Advisor’s follow up system which provides us with an easy way to provide some additional communication to people after a seminar. We now have 3 additional meetings with people we never would have ordinarily followed-up with. Since we do our seminars monthly, that’s an additional 20-24 client prospects per year that we might never have gotten to know. 2 additional meetings is about 20% more than we normally get which can potentially translate into 20% more revenue. Promising.

  • This system seems to be the answer to what I’ve been missing for acquisition, follow-up, and retention of my prospects and clients. Giving me the ability to be efficient and professional in the 21st Century vs. my archaic methods that always fell short.

  • We now have an automated system that fully supports a new and effective marketing strategy which we didn’t have. This will allow us to significantly grow our business by reaching more qualified prospects, without a significant increase in complexity or resources. In other words, we can now do better marketing for a reasonable outlay of money.

  • Finally, a process for reaching the 87% of the population not willing to go to a live seminar event. Also a process for engaging all the different types of consumers that are in the research phase of the planning process.

  • Wow! Automated Advisor offers me powerful tools to educate investors, allowing them to take charge of their financial lives on their time tables by giving them access to the resources they need to implement and take control of their financial lives.

  • Brandon has put together a well thought out program that is completely revolutionizing my marketing plan. 32 years as an advisor and finally someone has figured out how to use technology to automate and grow my business. Feels like a new beginning!

  • The Automated Advisor system is enabling me to integrate cutting edge marketing systems and solutions into my practice that I never would have been able to do on my own and they help me do it at a fraction of what it would cost me on my own!

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